Wednesday, November 09, 2005

big brother is watching and charging for it

LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- The Internal Revenue Service has warned a prominent liberal church it could lose its tax-exempt status because of an anti-war sermon a guest preacher gave on the eve of the 2004 presidential election, church officials say.

more here.

i could get into SOOO much trouble. perhaps i will.


Jacklyn Hyde said...

Do you remember that statue of John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg (whew, what a name!) on our alma mater's campus? He removed his preacher's robes to show his military uniform underneath, showing him in the exact same act as this other preacher. The only difference is which side of the issue he was on.

I'm sure King George III of England was about as thrilled with Muhlenberg's actions as our current George is with this current preacher. Is the Internal Revenue Service saying that Muhlenberg's act would have cost HIS church tax-exempt status? Or is it only those who defy their governments in this day and age?

Some of these folks need to retake some history and civics classes...

TN Rambler said...

Perhaps more of us should try to get in trouble with Big Brother. I am growing weary of the paranoia of this administration and their "if you're not with us then you're against us and you're un-American too" attitude.

Besides, Rev Regas (according to other accounts) went out of his way to state that he was not suggesting who anyone should vote for and he was critical of both President Bush and Senator Kerry in their stance on the war.

Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people who are putting us on or imbeciles who really mean it - Mark Twain


Bad Alice said...

Aargh. This really ticks me off. I wonder how many churches have given gung-ho pro-war messages, which are definitely going to influence votes. Aarrgh.

like the Twaine quote, Wayne. Must remember it and use it sometime.

"and vivian followed."

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