Wednesday, September 28, 2005

some presidential humor

Recently, it's been reported, George Bush does not like to hear bad news.
So, it was with a sense of dread that an official aide informed him that 3 Brazilian
soldiers had just been killed in Iraq.

The aide was prepared to have the president yell at him, but
that is not what happened. Instead, Bush looked at the aide, totally stunned,
then slumped down in his chair, with his head in his hands, sobbing uncontrollably.
Finally, Bush said: "That's the most horrible thing I've ever heard!"

The aide had never seen President Bush react this extreme way.
Not after 9/11.
Not after hurricane Katrina.
Not even after he fell off his bike!
Puzzled, but not wanting to seem callous, the aide remained politely silent.
Finally, Bush composed himself enough to ask just one troubled question:

"Exactly how many IS a Brazilian?"

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

in the name of love; once more in the name of love

why do i trust bono so much?
click on his picture and you can wonder too and hope that he might succeed when so many others fail.

when a positive is a negative

this is a subject near and dear to my heart.

when i was still in jersey i was a member of my denomination's AIDS task force. several years ago we began a campaign to raise money for specific ministries in africa that dealt with AIDS.

women in africa are most prone to this disease. here's the story for most of them.

a husband travels to where there is work often only coming home twice a year at christmas and easter. while away these men make use of prostitutes, many of whom are infected with HIV. because AIDS is still such a taboo subject most people won't admit to being sick until it is too late and they are dying. the husbands go home usually when they can no longer work. wives get infected either through sex with their husbands on one of their biannual visits or from taking care of them before they die.

most of african culture is still patriarchal. so when the funeral takes place the husband's family (not his wife and children) lay claim to all of the husband's possessions.

a friend once told me that in africa the joke is you sit down next to the lamp you want.

after a husband's funeral the wife and children are left with an empty house. most don't even have blankets to sleep on afterwards.

to feed her children most widows turn to prostitution. if they insist on using a condom they might make enough money to feed their family for a day. if they don't they might make enough to care for their families for a week and in the process pass along the disease to another husband who gives it to his wife and so begins the cycle.

abstinence is a nice theory, but the fact of the matter is that most of the time, in africa, condom usage is most important for married couples... not unmarried.

to only give aid money to religious groups that promote a no sex policy is maddening!

during the campaign to raise money for AIDS in africa i learned other facts. one american dollar has the buying power of about 30 dollars in africa. it costs about $60 to send an african child to school for a year.

giving financial aid to africa is worthwhile, but we must be careful how we choose where to give that money. choosing groups that promote "no sex" policies isn't enough of a standard. this government needs to give the cash to ministries (and i use that word not in purely religious terms) that actually work.

but once again we are failing people who are poor and black and that is reprehensible and in no way religious.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

the princess kitty's debut

last night the princess kitty had her very first ballet recital. and it was WONDERFUL! she smiled the whole time and pushed her way to the front of the stage like a true diva.

she danced twice. only one of the 2-4 year old group showed up so the instructor had everyone dance with her. and then her class took the stage.

i had tears in my eyes as she spun around and jumped and pointed her toes to the theme song from charlie brown. it was one of the highlights to being a mommy.

in two weeks ballet starts again and then she wants to stay for the half hour after the class ends to do hip hop!

needless to say daddy is a little concerned about the grinding. but i am thrilled... my little prima ballerina.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

7 more things

so i am im-ing with the boston pobble while she is im-ing with a friend in texas who is trying to convince his parents to evacuate... not very successfully i might add. please say a prayer and read her post.

and the question comes up between us: "what would you take if you had to evacuate?"

so, here are my 7 things (not including my family, clothes, and food) that i would throw in the saturn (recognizing of course that most of my list wouldn't fit once the princess kitten packed her bags).

1. lots of diapers and wipes (we are still potty training the silent prince)
2. my wedding album
3. my laptop
4. my bunny (my oldest stuffed animal)
5. my great-grandmother's silver (i'd love to take the china, but even in catopia it wouldn't fit in the car.
6. a necklace that i almost always wear which was made from a stone from the pobble.
7. the "willow tree" nativity my mother-in-law gave me last christmas.

no, i wouldn't take a bible... that's what the laptop is for.

now... what would YOU take?

and continue to offer prayers and financial support to disaster relief programs. my favorite is linked to the right and here.

i should have known

You Are a Glam Rocker!

You put the "show" in rock show with your larger than life self.
No doubt, you are all about making good music...
But what really gets you going is having an over the top show.
Glitter, costumes, and wild hair are your thing - with some rock thrown in!

What Your Sleeping Position Says

You have a passion for everything - including sleeping.
Outgoing and brash, you tend to still shock those who know you well.
You tend to be selfish. You are the most likely type to hog the covers.
You gravitate toward comfort and don't like extreme situations.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

say happy birthday to a friend

jon-marc turned 50; he wants to get 50 posts for his birthday.

i don't have many readers so i know how great 50 posts would make me feel. so take a moment and make a dream come true by saying happy birthday here!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Friday, September 16, 2005

my favorite movies

way back when i used to work at a video store. one of the fun parts was choosing the movie to play in the overhead television. i used to have theme days ie, romantic comedies, disaster flicks, sci-fi... and then the shift would change and if dani came in she would play titanic over and over again... how i now hate that movie!

so... just for fun, here are some of my favorite movies. in no particular order

the princess bride
finding nemo

hotel rwanda
the man of la mancha (with peter o'toole and sophia loren)
dark water (the orignal japanese version, not the american one)
the american president
the ring

dead man walking
the holy grail
buffy the vampire slayer

sometimes lines from my favorite movies wind up in sermons or newsletter articles i write.
finding nemo, the fellowship of the ring, and another monty python favorite the life of brian have all made it as sermon illustrations.

the movie i am most looking forward to
the lion the witch and the wardrobe (remember reading those books as children?)

and i've heard rumours that there will be a new buffy the vampire movie out at sme point. can i just say... buffy was and is my favorite all time tv show (yes, even more than M*A*S*H)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

7 things

I was tagged by the boston pobble who was tagged by jaded. If you are reading this consider yourself tagged as well and simply skip the last 7 things… if you do you’ll have 7 years of good luck; if you don’t you’ll have 7 years of bad luck… and all that silly stuff…

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. go to africa
2. have a book published
3. buy a suit
4. watch all of the godfather movies (I’ve never even seen one)
5. become a foster parent
6. see my children grown-up and happy
7. learn how to knit

7 things I can do:
1. make my children laugh
2. install and rebuild a toilet
3. make things (i am very crafty)
4. be silly without being embarrassed
5. use a sewing machine
6. curse in german
7. make my mom’s macaroni and cheese

7 things I cannot do:
1. balance a checkbook
2. knit
3. see without my glasses
4. add a picture to my blog profile (and I don’t know why)
5. cook rice (and I don’t know why)
6. perform surgery
7. speak chinese

7 things that attract me to the opposite (or same) sex:(for real, not just to look at and drool)
1. humor
2. good looks (call me shallow, at least I made it #2)
3. faith
4. a sense of morality (not condemnation)
5. intelligence
6. the ability to talk to children
7. openness

7 things that I say most often:
1. what the…
2. I’m tired
3. get into bed right now
4. give me a ‘sec
5. oh s***
6. I love it
7. amen

7 celebrity crushes:
1. mel gibson
2. viggo mortensen
3. johnny depp
4. dave navarro
5. don cheadle
6. morgan freeman
7. salma hayek (because she is amazing and I have no problem having a crush on a woman!)

7 people I want to do this:
1. you
2. you
3. you
4. you
5. you
6. you
7. and you

suicide is painless... where's sophie?

thanks to innerdorothy i have discovered that the M*A*S*H caracter that i am most like is:

Click here to take the M*A*S*H quiz!

while i don't REALLY see it, i have to say that M*A*S*H is one of my all-time favorite shows and i always loved Sherm'.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

responsibility and blame

i don't want to get political here... though i suppose i have at some point. but i just read this and wanted to say: it's about time. i'm not a bush fan, but i can respect a person who claims responsibility. claiming responsibility is different from accepting blame. it says that i am now in charge of doing something different. i don't like the idea of blame because it produces something else entirely, like a desire to hide and pass the buck to someone else or make excuses for what happened wrong.

a lot of people have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to the katrina disaster... including the american people by forgetting that poverty is a real issue in this country. now i hope and pray that we will all step up and be held accountable and make a difference in this world we live in.

i don't know what the president will do next. he has a real opportunity and i hope he doesn't blow it.

Monday, September 12, 2005


two years ago i was diagnoised with depression. i wasn't suprised when i finally figured it out. depression has a history with my family. it manifested itself by constant crying. i often tell people that i began to cry one day and didn't stop for three weeks. anything could trigger episodes of massive crying bouts. one day ou neighbor dropped off a crate of fresh ears of corn. two days later i went to put one in the microwave for lunch and couldn't find them. hubby had thrown the rest out because they had started to go bad. i reacted as though my best friend in the world had just died. it wasn't that the corn was gone and i couldn't have any; it was that there was one more thing that wasn't going right.

i was lucky. one of my colleagues was also a therapist. wheni told her that i thought i might be depressed she asked when i was coming in for a session. when i told her that money had become an issue (another big depression trigger) she stopped charging me, actually refused to take my money. and my doctor, without hesitation put me on zoloft. within days of beginning my meds i was a different person.

at first i was embarrassed by it, but as time went on i realized that it was just like any other illness. i wouldn't be embarrassed by being a diabetic would i? of course not. i don't go around broadcasting the fact that i have depression, but i have become pretty open about it. i've found that sometimes it helps to know that other people "get" what it feels like. i've needed that and other people have needed to know that i know.

after the family moved (back in december) i made the mistake of letting my prescription laspe. it wasn't intentional. i couldn't find the script and then i didn't have another doctor yet.

and then, in the middle of the summer, i felt some of the tell-tale signs: i felt weepy for no reason, easily annoyed, tired, had no ambition for anything. i put off going to see the new doctor until a friend of mine (who also has depression) made me call the doctor and make an appointment. she too, like my other doctor, wrote up a script right away. i also asked her for a sleeping pill. i wasn't sleeping (another sign) and i just wanted something to get me back on track.

i dropped the scripts off at the pharmacy and went to pick them up the next day only to discover that my insurance no longer covers zoloft (a much prescribed anti-depressant) and the co-pay on the sleeping pills was $48.00. i told the woman behind the counter that was enough to keep me up at night and make me depressed.

so... i found another way to get to sleep at night and the doctor prescribed another drug which was covered just as i got strep throat and had to go on anti-biotics. my doctor wants me to wait to start the anti-depressant until i'm done the anti-biotics... so i wait another six days to begin.

what really frustrates me is that my insurance co, which is one of the better ones, would do this to me. now, i was able to deal with the whole mess... though had this been two years ago i would have had a psychotic break right there at the pharmacy counter of the cvs.

but there are people out there who would have been absolutely crippled by something like this. as my friend, the boston pobble, would say and did say: agencies do this on purpose just to make people give up.

and that really is enough to keep me up at night and make me depressed.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

obla-de obla-da... life goes on

today is one of those days... still reeling after the devistation of katrina and at the same time remembering that awful day four years ago when our country (and the world) held it's breath and wept, jaded and opinionated posted this "September Eleventh, Two-thousand One."

thanks jaded. tears of joy beat tears of despair everyday.

Friday, September 09, 2005

the voice of the prophets

in the hebrew scriptures (or as some people call it, the old testament) there is a whole section of writings called the Nev'im. these are the writings of the prophets.

now a prophet's job was to be the voice of God, to tell the people what God wanted known. and do you know what topic the prophets spent most of their time on? returning to worship of the one God by taking care of the poor, the widowed, and the orphaned.

God's people consistantly turned away from God to worship other gods and in the process often forgot about those who needed the most care. repentance, turning away from sin and living in forgiveness was shown by rejecting other gods and taking care of those who society had little or no room for.

there were plenty of other gods back then. the world that the ancient jewish people lived in was pluralistic, just like ours is today. now i don't want to make this a conversation about pluralism. i believe in the christian God; that's who i am and how i live out my faith. i found love and acceptance with Jesus. i found my true self by being who i am as a person of the christian faith. i believe there is salvation in Christ, but i can't and won't condemn or judge anyone else for their religion.

that being said... i will speak about the gods of consumerism and greed and the downward spiral of destruction these gods can take us on. these are the gods we worship by accumulating stuff; mostly stuff we don't need that we get by spending money we don't have.

these are the gods that created a disaster in the wake of hurricane katrina. not that katrina wouldn't have been devistating on her own. hurricanes are mighty forces, destructive forces that aren't supposed to be pretty. except that i can't help but believe that there were things we could have done differently, as individuals, as a government, and as leaders in this country to fight the destruction that katrina brought with her.

i've been reading a lot of blogs about katrina; mostly because katrina is all we bloggers are talking about. and there is a lot of blaming going around. everyone wants someone to be at fault for what happened. so i've heard that katrina is the fault of the president, the governor, fema, gays, racists, democrats, republicans, and yes... even the fault of God. now really, what people are talking about is the response to the disaster, not the disaster itself. the destruction wasn't prevented and relief from the destruction was too long in coming.

know what i think? i think that the blame game is going to get us nowhere. what i want is for people to take some responsibility for the whole mess and yes, i include myself. see, i think we've all strayed from doing the one thing that God wants from us and that's to show our love for the one who created us by taking care of this world and it's inhabitants.

we have been worshipping false gods and that's what's gotten us into this mess. and before any of you think it, no i don't think that God sent katrina to punish us for our sins. i just know that i own five television sets while there are people who don't have enough to eat.

Jesus God Almighty, how can i blame a looter, who has nothing, for stealing a tv while i own five?

i want to be a prophetic voice in this mess. i want to turn back to God by doing something about poverty in this world and not just by throwing money at it and hoping it will go away and not just by voting for someone else in the next election and not just by reading or writing blogs about it. i want a plan of action and i am stumped; i just don't know what to do.

so i'm gonna pray. and i don't mean the cop-out kinda prayer which some people think releases them from the responsibility of actually doing something. i mean the kind of prayer that asks God to lead me to the place i need to be so that i can worship God in my action and in my life.

and in the meantime i will continue to speak out about poverty and the horror of it and i will keep preaching against those false gods of money and the accumulation of stuff. and i will vote in the next election. and i will share my thoughts here.

and... i will ask you to pray with me. pray that we might be led to change the way the world works.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

i'm angry too

just read this from another blogger. i must warn you that she uses very strong and profain language to get her point across, but if you are willing to wade through it you'll find someone i very much agree with on the issue of poverty. in case you get there and aren't sure which post i'm talking about you can try this: a wake up call for us all.

as a side note: i have made a promise to not use profanity here, though many bloggers do on their sites. it's not that i can't curse like a sailor, just that i would rather not do it here.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

more things about me

the thing of it is that i am a christian and i am a liberal. in today's world that statement is considered an oxymoron and i'm frustrated by it.

fact is, my faith is the most important thing in my life... yes, the most important thing, above all other things, God is it.

everything else is second or third or somewhere else on the list of important things and i think that's the way it should be. the first commandment is to "have no other gods." and it's the first commandment for a reason: so that God comes first. and for me putting God first means that my priorities take on new meaning: my family becomes more dear, my life more precious, and my duty to others more necessary. you need to know that about me before i say anything else.

so... i'm a christian liberal... an oxymoron. the part of me that's a liberal has been tempered by the fact that now i'm a mom. things that could be potentially harmful to my children seem fair game even when i take a step back. i remember the whole hoopla over parental advisories on music. as a parent it makes such sense, but as a liberal... i hate the fact that someone else gets to decide for me what's appropriate and what isn't.

ok, so here it is, the thing that really kills me: i no longer want to apologize for my faith in order to be a liberal... and i don't want to defend it anymore either. the same thing in reverse. i don't want to hide the fact that i am pro-choice or pro-gay in order to be faithful or defend my liberal views to my christian brothers and sisters.

so i'm coming out of the closet. i am a christian liberal and i'm proud! i love Jesus and the bill of rights! i don't believe there should be organized prayer in school! but i want teachers and principals and students to be able to wear crosses in school and not have to hide the fact that they are believers. i want organized sports to stop playing on sundays and i want to freely admit that i have friends who are pagans and i don't think that they are doomed to hell!

wow, do i feel better.

Monday, September 05, 2005

this weekend has been a lot of work

so the boston pobble came to visit on friday and should be going home today. except that by friday night i had a tickle in my throat and by saturday morning i had a fever and was miserable. i should have sent her home right then so that she wouldn't get sick too, but hubby had to drive to the airport (about an hour trip) to pick up my brother and sister in law who were coming to visit my parents. (if you remember, my mom wasn't doing so well for awhile and my brother lives many hours away.)

so, the pobble was taking care of me, bless her heart, and doing such a good job of it. and what do i give her for all her loving care? yes, she's sick now too. still asleep, hopefully getting better, so that she can go home today to visit the pooh on wednesday (her other niece). otherwise i will be filled with guilt and have to take time off from work so that i can drive her to new jersey.

yesterday in church, the assistant minister (a wonderful man) led the service for me. he even read my sermon and did a very good job of it. the first time i even spoke was during communion at the part called the great thanksgiving. it is a dialogue that begins: "the Lord be with you."

i took as big a breath as i could and began in what was the most eloquent frog voice i could manage. the response is supposed to be: "and also with you" which is what they said after looking at me with absolute shock and pity. i could have laughed, if it wouldn't have hurt so much, at their reaction.

fact is that i feel incredibly lucky to have such a congregation who was so willing to love me. the last couple of weeks has been a long list of one thing after another and they have never once found it an opportunity to "kick me when i'm down" something that often happened in my last call.

and i'm so grateful to the pobble, who has woken up feeling better, for taking care of me: making me tea and telling me to take naps.

and to my hubby (who hates when i get sick) but who takes care of me anyway... but more importantly who takes such wonderful care of our children. he is the best dad i know (next to my own dad.)

even the princess kitten who is 6 and clingly has given me space to heal.

so there it is... now i need to get moving with my day; have a happy labor day everyone and remember to say thank you to the people who mean something to you.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

why the elca disaster response?

i just recieved this in an email from my synod office today. since i have chosen the lutheran disaster response as my "place to give" for katrina i thought this might be helpful to all of you...


Someone called the Synod House, asking why ELCA pastors and congregations should give to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response (DDR) for Hurricane Katrina relief instead of giving to the Red Cross, the Salvation Army or another major U.S. charity?

This is a very good question, especially with all the news and entertainment media attention on gifts to the Red Cross. Although ELCA Domestic Disaster Response/Lutheran Disaster Response works closely with other domestic disaster agencies like the Red Cross, here are three good reasons to give to DDR:

+ 100 percent of your gift will go to Hurricane Katrina relief.
+ If you are a member of Thrivent Financial for Lutherans, Thrivent will give $1 for every $2 you give, up to $300. For example, if you give $600, Thrivent will add $300 to your gift (check
+ The ELCA has a reputation for being on site, helping in disaster recovery, long after other groups have left. For example, nearly four years after 9/11 we are still working in New York City.

Lutheran Disaster Response, a collaborative ministry of the ELCA (through ELCA Domestic Disaster Response) and the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, provides unique services. In addition to meeting those needs often not covered by federal and other agencies, LDR provides spiritual and emotional counseling services, with attention to care for the care givers, and attends to the needs of children through the Camp Noah day camps. Much more at

You can contribute to ELCA Domestic Disaster Response through your congregation or synod office or directly by mail (checks payable to "ELCA Domestic Disaster Response") to PO Box #71764, Chicago, IL 60694-1764 (note "Hurricane Katrina relief" on the memo line) or with a credit card by phone (800/638-3522) or online

once again, anything that you can give is worth it, even if it's not through the elca. and you don't have to give hundreds of dollars to make a difference. a friend of mine gave $5 to the humane society to help care for displaced animals. so much is needed by so many that every cent matters and has the potential for making a difference.

and continue to pray... for the people affected by the katrina, for the people who are caring for them, and for the leaders of this country to do their best for all of us.

Friday, September 02, 2005

100 things about me

inner dorothy created a list of 100 things about her and i just loved it. so here are 100 things about me.

1. i am my own person
2. i am a she
3. i am a daughter
4. of two wonderful parents
5. i am a sister
6. who loves her brother
7. and his wife
8. i am a wife
9. who has an amazing husband
10. my daughter is my joy
11. my son is my peace
12. my daughter is a diva in training
13. she is 6, like eloise
14. my son has developmental delays
15. he has said "mama" once
16. i do not have a biological sister
17. but i have a friend who is closer than a sister to me
18. i love my mother-in-law
19. my father-in-law died before i met my husband
20. i never met him
21. and yet i miss him
22. my father is a luteran pastor
23. my mother is a pastor's wife
24. i am a luteran pastor
25. and a pastor's wife
26. i once said i never wanted to be a pastor
27. or a pastor's wife
28. i've learned to be careful never to say never
29. i do it anyway
30. i have a dog
31. her name is 'ohana
32. i named her after a line in the movie lilo and stitch
33. i have two cats
34. i didn't name them
35. I let my daughter name them cinderella and jasmine
36. cinderella was the first book i ever read
37. i wish i still had the book
38. i believe in God
39. i believe in God even when i worry there isn't one
40. i wish more people would believe in God
41. i know what it's like to not be able to afford diapers
42. i am glad i can afford diapers now
43. i am just like my mother
44. and i am glad that i am
45. my favorite tv show of all time is buffy the vampire slayer
46. my computer is a pagan
47. i don't know why
48. i don't believe in tolerance
49. i believe in unconditional love
50. i am a hippy at heart
51. except i love to bathe
52. i miss my best friend
53. we haven't talked in years
54. but i still believe she is my best friend
55. i was there when her mother died
56. my husband, sister-friend, and best friend have all lost a parent
57. it has changed me
58. i always have a cup of tea in the morning
59. i got this habit from my mother
60. i suffer from depression
61. i know too many other people who suffer from depression
62. i grew up in philly
63. it will always be home
64. i love where i live now
65. i wish i was musically inclined
66. i am writing a novel
67. i always wanted to be a writer
68. i am an extovert
69. but i am also incredibly shy
70. most people don't believe that i am shy
71. i once went skinny-dipping
72. it was with my mother
73. i love the smell of my children
74. my favorite curse word is also another word for cat
75. i curse like a salior
76. i try not to, but sometimes it happens
77. my secret fantasy is to be a rock star
78. i am a type b personality
79. who wishes she were a type a
80. i have broken promises
81. i believe in forgiveness
82. i love scary movies
83. i can't sleep with my back to the side of the bed
84. i genuinely like myself
85. that has not always been true
86. if i could travel anywhere it would be to africa
87. I believe chocolate is a food group
88. i think people who don't like chocolate are weird
89. i want people to like me
90. but i don't need them to
91. i love my job
92. i hate working
93. i am good at what i do
94. but i still worry that i may be a hack
95. i do not have a favorite holiday
96. my favorite color is blue
97. i'm getting sick of blue
98. i want the last 3 things about myself to be impressive
99. i know they won't be
100. my only piercings are from the neck up

and there you have it. 100 things about me and now that i have written them i can think of a million more... but then there is always tomorrow...

let's talk about sex

a few weeks ago the evangelical lutheran church in america made some decisions about gay people. now, this shouldn't suprise anyone since homosexuality seems to be the "in" topic in all the churches. it also shouldn't suprise many that the decisions that were made said very little. it's taken me this long to really express my disappointment that my denomination would only say that we would continue to try and find ways to welcome and accept glbt's (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered people) in our congregations but then voted to not bless their relationships or allow glbt's in relationship to serve as ordained clergy in our churches.

and really, disappointment is a weak way to discribe how i feel about it all. profound sadness might be better, though still not enough.

we lutherans have found another way to be middle of the road, without even standing on the road. in other words we've said nothing new and acted like it was all new. ah well...

i think the first problem was that the church decided to talk about sex, but only homosexual sex as if it should be an issue unto itself. it allowed straight people to remain on a moral high ground and look down on "those other people." we studied them like they were things to put under a microscope, but in the process we forgot to look at ourselves and our own sexual failings as heterosexuals.

we spent a lot of time on scripture that dealt with homosexuality, which by the way, at its clearest, only describes sexual acts between people of the same gender, not actual homosexuality or homosexual relationships. to be clear... the bible never, ever says that homosexuality is a sin only that certain sexual acts between same gendered people are sinful.

scripture is filled with stories of sex, blood, and violence. it is really a crazy book when you think about it. but we often skip over the parts that confuse us and go straight (pun intended) to the parts that "allow" us to morally judge the other. for example... why aren't the "religious people" of the world up in arms about things like adultery which is all over our culture and clearly listed as one of the commandments and sooo warrior like when it comes to two people who love one another and want that relationship blessed by God?

christians, or people who claim to be such, often use the bible as a book of judgement so long as they can use it to judge someone else. jesus spends more time talking about money than any other subject in the gospels, but we like money. he never says anything about homosexuality, but see where we focus? see the connection?

yes, i know that this is my perspective and my reading and my interpretation, but i also believe it to be a valid one. and those who know me and disagree with me also know that i have spent a great deal of time learning how to respect and appreciate different opinions and interpretations (especially of scripture.)

so, i want to talk about sex and i'm gonna in our adult forum this september and hopefully debunk some of the myths i believe are perpetuated in our society and our churches. i'll try to share some of what happens in the class on this blog.

in the meantime, remember not to judge... if you want to throw stones make sure you aim them at yourself before casting them on someone else.

Katrina Relief

for all you fellow bloggers out there, check this out and consider joining in.

i have added the ELCA's disaster relief site to my favorites list and would ask that you consider giving whatever you can to support the relief efforts. 100% of designated gifts go right to relief efforts. if the elca isn't your thing then find another way to give.

thanks and God's peace

Thursday, September 01, 2005

my first husband

i once knew a woman who used to introduce her husband of twenty years as: "this is bob, my first husband..."

today is my 9 year anniversary of marriage to hubby. it's incredible to imagine such a thing. my maternal grandparents were married for 71 years when my grandpop died and that's even harder to fathom.

i remember one of my aunts saying, in regards to my g-parent's long life together, that when they wrote the wedding vows they didn't expect people to live that long.

9 years and two children, both of which start school today. the princess kitten begins 1st grade and the silent prince returns to special ed pre-school for his developmental delays.

how does one say thank you to their partner for 9 years of love and committment? well, we'll go to breakfast together and perhaps find some other quiet time during the day. (ahhh, i love back to school.)

but really; i love him and thank God for him. we've hit the age in our lives when all our friends are getting divorced and that just reminds me how lucky i am... how blessed i am to have him even when it hasn't been easy.

so thank you, my love for the last 9 years and the 2 1/2 before it... for being my friend, my partner, my lover, my shoulder, the father of my children, my best critic, and my best pick me up.

with all my heart; i love you.

(and yes, that's a picture of us taken shortly after our daughter was born. it's always been my favorite one of us.)

"and vivian followed."

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