Thursday, April 20, 2006



the silent prince turned 4 yesterday.

it was a great day. friends from jersey came down on monday and decided to stay long enough for the festivities. and then the pobble arrived yesterday morning to add her well-wishes.

we started the day with bert (one of our jersey friends), the pobble, and a member of the church, helping me put our backyard together again. it was LOADS of work, but now i have the beginnings of a great flower and herb garden.

then we returned back to the apartment (showered) and had take-out from great resturant: frankies. frankies is gourmet fast food... and it sooo good.

then the g-parents showed up for cake and ice cream. g-mom arrived and told me if i packed the prince a bag she would take him for a sleep-over, but first she gave him and the princess kitty a bath to wash off all the chocolate cake.

claud (our other jersey friend) and i went out and got some drinks and movies and once the princess kitty was asleep we watched fun with dick and jane (funny) and then hostel (gross).

we'll have another party for both kids in may, when we can have lots more family and friends show up for a big celebration back at the parsonage.

and now i am going to go enjoy this incredible day!

God's peace y'all


dondon009 said...

True happiness is being four years old and covered in chocolate cake!

And then we grow up, wear business attire and freak out when a drop of coffee falls on our clothes!

The young man appears to be enjoying himself..... it's a wonderful life.

Thanks for sharing~

CrackerLilo said...


He's so cute.

BostonPobble said...

happy sigh!

Blogzie said...

Happy Birthday!

What a delightful post.


sttropezbutler said...

What a lovely day indeed.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday to the Silent Prince!

"and vivian followed."

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