Friday, May 05, 2006


that's the amount it will take to fix the brakes on my truck where the brake pads are about to go. we had half the work done yesterday, but the other half will have to be done within the next week (hopefully they will hold until i get paid again.)

in the meantime i continue to work on the house. despite the fact that it is alot of work, i really enjoy painting and decorating it myself. when we were in the process of coming here the congregation painted a vast majority of the rooms colors that i had pickd out. but there is just something about painting the walls myself that makes me feel like it's mine.

i can't wait to take picutes to post!!!

God's peace y'all


sttropezbutler said...

Lovely...something to look forward to.

What a drag about the truck.


Tom in Ontario said...

When we were coming here the congregation didn't feel like painting the parsonage. My predecessor had been here less than 2 years and there really wasn't anything wrong with the paint job, we just weren't really into the colours.

So I asked them, "If I do the painting will you buy the paint." They said sure. I said the colours wouldn't be anything too bold but they said "What do we care, you have to live there."

I like painting, but I hate the preparation, filling holes, sanding, covering and moving furniture. It's much better and easier when the place is empty.

Have fun.

"and vivian followed."

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