Tuesday, August 29, 2006

i love a man on a harley

my brother-in-law loves harleys. when hubby and i got married (10 years this friday) we had a picture taken of the two of us on jefro's bike. actually, i wanted my new brother to drive me, in my wedding gown, to the wedding reception on it... but for some reason no one else thought that was a good idea.

every year jefro (not his real name... really!) participates in a ride(s) for a cure for something. this year he's riding for a cure for autism.

this was his email:

Friends and Family .... attached is the link to view my personal web page for the Cure Autism ride event scheduled for September 17, 2006. Every year I get involved in Muscular Dystrophy and American Diabetes events however this Cure Autism Ride is extremely important to many of us ... may I please ask you for a $10 donation for a wonderful reason.

i'd feel funny posting his real name here, but i have NO problems giving you this link and asking you to make a general donation.

right before we received the final diagnosis that the silent prince was autistic i heard hubby telling someone that his brother was wearing one of those plastic bracelets (the new hipper form of a colored ribbon) for autism. and i cried... not that sad kind of cry, but the kind where you get emotional because someone did something that really touched you.

there really is something about a man on a harley.

God's peace y'all


Tom in Ontario said...

He sounds like a super man.

Questing Parson said...

Some ride to wander.
Some ride to somewhere.

"and vivian followed."

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