Sunday, May 21, 2006


i am currently at my folk's home after dinner with them and my mother-in-law (who is in town for the kids' birthday party this past saturday)

sbc-yahoo-at&t after spending well over a week trying to get them to figure out why our dsl isn't working finally told us that we aren't able to get dsl at our new address. doesn't seem to matter that our new address is also our old address or that we had dsl there for at least 9 months before the whole lead fiasco began.

i cannot say the words that i am feeling right now. if i did they might begin with the letters: "f" "b" "s-h" hmmm, and what else... we'll you get the idea.

so now we are waiting until they can do an investigation that should take until next wednesday or thursday to investigate. i'm calling the cable company tomorrow to see how much a cable modem is and to see if we can afford it (doubt it, but still worth a try.)

and so that is why i haven't been around much.

the house is wonderful! it is fantasic to be back! and i will try to get some time on the computer at work to hook up the digital camera and put up pictures asap.

miss you all!!!! i feel so out of touch.

God's peace y'all!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


but the dsl still isn't working at the house and there are still a good amount of boxes to be unpacked... but we are back and i am loving it.

the telephone comany is supposed to come out today and figure out why the dsl is being such a pain in the neck (i spent over an hour on the phone with IT yesterday to no avail.)

once i'm back on-line i expect to post some pictures of the house for your enjoyment including my very own special room to myself!

God's peace y'all!

Monday, May 08, 2006

love you all, but...

we are moving friday and i will be insane all week. i also don't know when i'll be back on-line after friday. it always takes awhile for them to get the dsl working.

and a wonderful man at the church fixed the rear end of my truck for $180, instead of the $500 it would have cost (we already had half the work done because i didn't want to live in fear of driving the hills that are all over this town.)

so... peace y'all! i'll be back soon!!!

Friday, May 05, 2006


that's the amount it will take to fix the brakes on my truck where the brake pads are about to go. we had half the work done yesterday, but the other half will have to be done within the next week (hopefully they will hold until i get paid again.)

in the meantime i continue to work on the house. despite the fact that it is alot of work, i really enjoy painting and decorating it myself. when we were in the process of coming here the congregation painted a vast majority of the rooms colors that i had pickd out. but there is just something about painting the walls myself that makes me feel like it's mine.

i can't wait to take picutes to post!!!

God's peace y'all

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

getting ready

spent yesterday painting, scraping wallpaper, and cleaning the parsonage in preparation to move back. i'm anxious to get it done... SOOOO anxious. being in the house again for that much time made me realize how much i really do want to be back.

of course my arm is killing me from overuse and i have the feeling i won't be getting much of it done today which is frustrating. first i have to do some work for work and if i'm feeling ok after i'll go back to the painting, scraping, and cleaning.

God's peace y'all

"and vivian followed."

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