Sunday, October 21, 2007

the cow says "moo"

we had the best time ever yesterday (saturday.)

my chiropractor suggested that we take the kids to one of the local farms the last time i went to see her. she had just taken her kids and they had a really good time. "you take a hay ride, feed the cows and then pick out a pumpkin." she told me. the only cost was the cost of the pumpkin.

well, it was even better than that.

we went out to lunch and then headed out to the farm after the princess kitty's soccer game (yeah, her team crushed the other team 4-1). we made it just in time to hop onto the hayride before it took off. we wound up on the second trailer with otter, the black lab and other families out for the day.

the silent prince sat between my legs and when i asked him if he was having fun he shot me the biggest grin ever! we rode through some rough farm terrain, over hills and through streams until we saw the cows. at first i figured the pathway the hayride took went right through the herd of cows, but then we stopped so that we could scoop up the hay and feed it to them. i helped the silent prince feed some of the bigger cows while hubby helped the princess kitty reach down to feed the calves. well, really she didn't need much help at all! and we all got a kick out of being able to pet them. the silent prince really enjoyed that part of it.

then we moved on to the pumpkin patch where we picked out the biggest pumpkin we could find. daddy chased the kids around while i guarded it as we waited for the next ride to pick us up.

while hubby had the pumpkin weighed and paid for i took the kids to pet the sheep and see the biggest pig i have ever seen in real life. it must have been over 300 pounds! (it certainly smelled like it weighed that much!)

i think hubby and i enjoyed ourselves as much as the kids did.

then it was off to target to get halloween costumes. i usually make them on the sewing machine (last year the princess kitty was a fairy cat and the silent prince was an apple slice with a worm), but i'm still suffering from the bursitis which makes sewing a bit difficult. this year mommy and kitty will be witches and the prince some sort of vampire/ghoul (or whatever i can create out of the cape and makeup we bought for him.)

tonight grandmom and grandpop came over for ribs and grandmom explained that in her day hayrides were for the teenagers to go on so that they could smooch to which hubby replied... "yuck!"
thanks dear.
God's peace y'all


2 Dollar Productions said...

That sounds like a good way to spend a day, especially when the weather turns nice. That being said, giant hogs worry me a little bit, and I really like bacon. Ha.

CrackerLilo said...

Sounds terrific! I'm so glad you all had fun. But that's hilarious that your husband was the one to say "yuck"--maybe it was the image of his parents necking on the hayride as teens! :-)

Nemeria said...

Friend of Pobble's here - I saw this on and thought of you - didn't know if you would be up your alley but thought it might be as your blog is always interesting!

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Best to you!

BostonPobble said...

1. I'm back online and TTG.
2. Where are my pictures of said cow encounter? Hmmm?
3. OOOOO! Lovely Cats, meet Nemeria. Nemeria, meet Lovely Cats. Now, if this could only happen in person one day.

"and vivian followed."

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