Monday, February 26, 2007

gimme a hug

ask the silent prince for a kiss and chances are you will get one. sometimes he will simply offer his cheek for you to peck, but often he will pucker up and plant one on you.

i remember his first kiss the way i remember the princess kitty giving me her first hug. i had just finished changing her and stood her up on the changing table when her arms flew around my neck and she sqeezed me tight. i couldn't tell you when exactly it happened; but that moment in time sticks in my heart. the princess kitty loves to give hugs; there are times she won't let go as she demands more and more.

but the prince is not a hugger. his first kiss happened in the kitchen. he was in my arms and suddenly his lips were on mine. again, i couldn't tell you how old he was exactly or what season of the year, but that moment sticks in my heart. he loves to give and get kisses. at times he laughs like crazy as though the kisses are some sort of funny game.

he's even a cuddler (especially when grandmom is around) but an honest to God hug... those are rare. i think it has to do with the autism. he craves physical contact; it's a sensory thing. he will climb all over you, rub up against strangers, and pull pillows and blankets over his head for sensory input. but he doesn't give hugs and isn't crazy about getting them.

and then tonight, as they were finished dinner, the silent prince grabbed the princess kitty and threw his arms around her over and over again. all i could do was sit and watch as he held her tight and laughed then let go of her so that he could hug her all over again.

honest to God hugs... it was beautiful and it sticks in my heart.

God's peace y'all

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Friday, February 23, 2007


so back in the spring i finally got up the courage to send copies of a worship service that i wrote to my denomination's publishing house. it wasn't the best timing since they were putting the final touches on a new hymnal which included a new worship setting for palm sunday (which is what mine is, though VERY different.)

i received a response from them in june saying that they had received it, but that it might take 3+ months for them to make a decision. i decided today that i would write to them and ask what the status was on my submission and got a response back within a few hours.

it's been sitting on the desk of the person who received it since june. she's looked at it 3 times knowing that they can't publish it right now because of the new hymnal, BUT... they are about to start the process of putting together a new on-line resource. each time she has thought about what i wrote she sees it as being a good fit and wants to hold onto it...

AND wants to put my name on a list of people who might advise or contribute to the new resource!!!

so i think i will continue to wait, keep my fingers crossed, and be excited about this new-even better possibility!

God's peace y'all

Thursday, February 08, 2007

baby dolls and race

several years ago while living in the atlantic city area i took the princess kitty to one of the local discount department stores to do some shopping and told her she could get a toy.

eagerly, she made her way to the toy aisle and picked out a baby doll. i suppose the people who order the toys for the store had a specific clientele in mind because just about all the dolls were black. (this in and of itself should say something... do only black people shop in discount department stores?)

the princess kitty held the doll in her arms and called it "her baby." it didn't look like her and i even asked if she was sure "that" was the one she wanted. "yes, mommy. this is my baby."

i didn't press it; she was still at that wonderful age when children are color-blind and i didn't want her to think that just because the doll didn't look like her that it wasn't the right one for her.

i had forgotten all about that moment until i saw this.

God's peace y'all and some color-blindness too.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

an update

mom sent me an email tonight with this news about my uncle:

George came through the surgery with flying colors. According to Donna the
surgeon said the tumor had shrunk (one can not explain this), that they
removed 8 inches of his esphagus (never could spell this right even when I
had to at the hospital) and 1/3 or his stomach. Went into the OR at 9 am and
Donna saw him alert at 2:45. She said he seemed very happy with the way it
all went and grateful for everyone's support and prayers. I would assume he
won't be so happy tomorrow when some of the discomfort starts to set in, but
those are just the minor set backs along the way. At least what has happened
so far is good news especially for Donna and George. Just wanted to give you
all an update.

my grandmother will begin treatments soon to fight the cancer in her face. i feel hopeful and very very grateful for all the prayers.

God's peace y'all

"and vivian followed."

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