Sunday, March 09, 2008

things that suck - in no particular order

racism. racism sucks. there is not one good thing about it. there are no redeeming qualities within it. it just sucks.

white guilt. white guilt sucks. it especially sucks when it causes a person to do something they think is not racist at all, when in fact it is actually worse than overt, in your face, white-hooded racism.

vomit. vomit sucks. or perhaps it does the exact opposite. no, i don't mean it is actually great. but who wants to suck vomit?

children's vomit. children's vomit sucks. especially when it is your child and your child is developmentally impaired and it is impossible to explain to them where they should aim if they need to vomit again or where they should sit until you have cleaned up said vomit.

day light savings. day light savings sucks. i don't care if we leap forward or fall behind, my internal clock is now off and won't completely readjust until it is time to change the clocks again.

mornings. mornings suck. with all due respect to morning people... what is wrong with you?

mornings when you haven't gotten enough sleep. mornings when you haven't gotten enough sleep suck. this is especially true when you have spent the night cleaning up children's vomit, slept in a bed that is not comfortable so you can be near said child just in case they vomit again, and you lose an hours sleep.

wow, i feel better... and that doesn't suck.

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

oh dear. although I am curious about the first two (the rest are pretty self-explanatory.)

Kathryn said...

Oh dear...I hope things improved as the day wore on (though unlikely on insufficient sleep)

2 Dollar Productions said...

You read my mind on the Daylight savings suck - but the rest of that list does too. Vomit is always a horrendous thing.

CrackerLilo said...

Sometimes you just have to get it off your chest!

I'm finding that I let white guilt get in my way sometimes, and that sucks!

I hope this week brings you, at the very least, much less vomit.

Graziella said...

May I add, Monday Mornings in particular suck? I used to be a morning person in a former life, but the life I'm living now NEVER allows me to get adequate sleep to be a morning person. It's 11:59am where I am at the writing of this comment, and yes, mornings suck.

"and vivian followed."

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