Monday, June 02, 2008

the next best thing

i guess the next best thing to losing weight is having people believe that you have lost weight. twice now i've had people tell me that i look as though i have lost weight. of course my weight continues to fluxuate within 5 pounds. my scale also does body fat percentages and those seem to be going down. i take this as a good sign because it means that i'm turning fat into muscle. and the bottom line for me is that i want to be healthy no matter what weight i am.

we recently joined the YMCA. they give clergy discounts! (who said there are no more perks to this profession.) my fantastic uncle gave the kids and us a 3 month membership to try it out. and so far we've been taking advantage of it. going to the pool on a regular basis is wonderful, but they also have treadmills and other exercise equipment i can use when it's raining. but today was too nice of a day not to walk outside. and i am proud to say that i did 3 miles in 50 minutes, which is only 5 minutes over my goal of 15 minutes per mile.

i also bought some new exercise clothes today. 4 pairs of capri length sweats. i want to wear shorts, but i hate how i look in them. it's the baby belly and the j-lo butt that ruin the experience of shopping for any clothes that cover from the waist down. i just can't bring myself to even think aout trying on any shorts that are "in" currently since none of them pass the fingertip test. (meaning that if you put your hands to your side the bottom of the shorts falls below your fingertips.) i was thrilled when i found the capris. they're comfy, light, and look great on me. i got two pairs in 2 styles for under $60 at fashion bug. funny how i never shop there, but everytime i do i find a favorite article of clothing to add to my closet. i still have a shirt that i bought there 2 years ago that i love and wish i had gotten in 4 different colors!

hubby made fun of the pants, asking me where the flood was. he thinks he's hip and with it (editor's note: i understand that using terms like "hip" and "with it" place me in a similar category as i've just placed hubby in, but so-be-it), but capri pants throw him off completely even though the stores are now full of them. of course being that i am 5'2" most capris look like full length pants on me anyway.

well, it is now time to go make lunches and dig through the piles of clean laundry for the kids' outfits for tomorrow.

God's peace y'all!


2 Dollar Productions said...

Nice work. It's other people who haven't seen you for awhile who are better judges of changing your body as you are biased (we all are) as we see ourselves all the time. And if your clothes are looser/fit better than you are shifting fat into muscle, which is a very good thing. Congrats.

BostonPobble said...

I'm the same way with Dress Barn. Never think to shop there and love it when I do. And I'm all for you being healthy because you gotta be around forever. It's all about me, afterall.

"and vivian followed."

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