Saturday, March 28, 2009

in the 60's

the weather is finally starting to warm and i'm joting this down just before going to sit out on my porch before starting dinner.

little is happening. the princess kitty is playing with the 1yr old next door and the silent prince is napping. i have to take him to the doctor tomorrow morning rather than going to church because he is literally bleeding from the ears. (poor guy and those rotten ear infections.)

i've been vaccumming... wait, let me add a few more letters to that word: vvacccuuummming with our new toy (perhaps more about that later) and hubby is at work and will hopfully stop at the store on his way home.

and that's all.

i have thoughts on obama's special olympics faux pas, but i will save that for another day.

in the meantime... peace y'all

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