Friday, July 08, 2005

right now

my son is being potty trained. at 3 years old it seems to be time. but the question is how do you potty train a child that doesn't talk? well, you start by taking him to the potty all the time to get him in the habit and then... hope you can figure out what to do next.

that someone else's bodily functions would mean so much to me is a strange thing. to rejoice over pee-pee and pray for a poop... well, it puts life into perspective.

meanwhile my 6 yr old is having a sleepover with a friend who she only sees occasionally (she lives in another state). she's been calling her cousin "p" and asked me today if they were really cousins as she was preparing for the visit.

no, i told her.

then why do i call her cousin?

well, sometimes you love someone like they are family so you call them things like cousin...

which reminds me that one of my dearest friends, someone like a sister, is coming to visit me next week. we haven't seen each other in too long and the thought of having her here reminds me of all the tears i haven't shed yet, all the jokes i haven't told yet, all the stories i haven't shared yet... and i feel such desire to let it all out that i can't wait for her to be here and put my arms around her.

everyone should have someone like her in their life. a person who knows you better than anyone else and have that be ok. sometimes people know us too well and it's scary. but this is not that kind of knowing... it's the kind that makes you feel whole because they are there.

ahh, and now it is time to peek in the kids rooms and make sure they are asleep.. to "smell them" (something only parents can understand) then climb into bed with hubby and snuggle until i fall asleep so that i can get up in the morning and make waffles in the toast, drink my cup of tea and start a whole new day of potty training.

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TN Rambler said...

Your description of the potty training process is so true...only a parent can understand the rejoicing over poop!

We all need friends like the one that you described. Those folks who are sometimes even closer than family. Those folks who know you as you really are...and love you anyway.


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