Thursday, December 01, 2005


hubby and i prayed in bed together last night before going to sleep. not that we've never prayed together before, but it's a practice we don't often practice.

over the last how many weeks has it been now? i can't even remember several weeks there have been an awful lot of people praying for us. people i don't even know have put me and my family on their prayer lists.

bloggers have prayed for me, christians, pagans, muslims, and jews have called out to God on my behalf.

it's amazing.

we are still in our hotel. ever have to stay in a hotel over a long-ish period of time look for a residence inn. they are awesome! i got into a conversation with another woman staying here and she said it was like being in the south. so true; there is nothing like hospitality in the south (and i'm a yankee to my core.)

i have so very little time on the 'puter now-a-day's and i miss it.

so, to my cyber friends and all the others. thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. keep it up, i sooo feel them.

and pray that we get settled somewhere soon enough that i can get back to this community.

peace to all!


dondon009 said...

I seldom pray.......

Tonite, I will.

TN Rambler said...

Prayers continue from here.


Sue said...

here too cats...

Anna said...

Cats, I prayed tonight for you, your family, and the prince. Especially for him-- I haven't read enough entries to know exactly how old he is or how aware he is of what's going on with him, but I prayed that he would know that, however sick or frustrated or broken he feels, in God's eyes he is perfect and perfectly loved.

"and vivian followed."

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