Tuesday, December 06, 2005

i miss my 'puter!!!

i miss being in my own home
i miss being on my 'puter

i miss being able to put the kids in their beds UPSTAIRS and watch tv downstairs
i miss being on-line on my 'puter

i miss being able to take the kids right out front to catch the bus in the morning (instead of driving 17 miles on a major highway to get them to two different schools at the same time.
i miss chatting with the pobble on my 'puter

i miss being able to run next door to go to work
and then sitting at my kitchen table doing my work on my 'puter

i miss being able to put my clothes in my dresser drawers and walk in closet rather than carting them back and forth from my washer/dryer at home to the hotel
i miss checking in with all my cyber friends on my 'puter.

i miss being able to put the door out on the tie-out in order for her to do her business rather than having to take long walks around the hotel in the freezing cold


and i miss you all.


RickinVa said...

And we miss you...

Hang in there...

We're thinkin' and prayin' out here in the 'sphere...

Jaded&Opinionated said...

Ugh...I hate that being in limbo feeling!

You remain in my prayers!!

Jacklyn Hyde said...

If this blogging community is even the slightest echo of your home community, you are incredibly cared for no matter how often you log in. That being said, you're missed. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the mishpocha (family).

the tentmaker said...

First time post here for me, but I am a constant reader. I miss your 'puter too, which is to say, I miss you and your writing.

As all of us are, I am praying for you and your family.

BostonPobble said...

Yeah. I hear you clucking. And everything everyone else has said. Love you.

"and vivian followed."

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