Friday, January 20, 2006

18 is a magic number

it is also the lead level for the silent prince.

18 is the best that it's been since all this began. the dr is certain that it will go back up again, but he doesn't know how much lead was actually in his bones.

there's something else the dr doesn't know... he's no longer the princess or prince's doctor.

four months before the whole lead fiasco began hubby took the prince to the pediatrian and asked for a lead test. the pediatrician (dr t.) sent us to a geneticist.

a little over 3 1/2 months later the school nurse asked us if we had ever had the prince tested for lead... something about explosions occuring in the prince's diapers. we told the nurse (who i shall now refer to as the medical goddess) said she would request a lead test from the doctor.

a week later the prince was in the hospital for lead poisoning. dr t visited with us once in the hospital and then dr v took over. we aren't sure how dr v got us, but he did.

now hubby never really liked dr v but we liked the practice so we put up with him.

meanwhile we took the prince to the geneticist, who we liked very much. dr p ordered three tests. the first was a heel prick test that is typically done on newborns in the hospital. this state tests for 40 different things while other states only test for a few. the next test was for something called fragile x and the third test was a basic chromosome test.

we took the prince for the tests the same day and waited... and waited... and waited. eventually dr p called to tell us that the heel prick test was fine. forty things to cross off the list of maybe's.

but the other two tests still weren't back. so we conitnued to wait.

then about a week ago dr v called to say that the prince's lead levels were at 44 and he would need to be put back on the chemet (the meds used to get the lead out). we had to take the prince in for more blood tests to see if his system could tolerate the chemet, which can effect one's white blood cells and therefore his immune system.

we heard back from dr v. hubby answered the phone.

dr v: yes, the prince could tolerate the chemet, but he would need to take an iron suppliment.
hubby: are his levels from lead in his bones?
dr v: yes. he'll need to get another blood test in 2 weeks.
hubby: ok. btw, we're still waiting t hear from the geneticist about the fragile x and the chromosome tests taken back in november.
dr v: oh he doesn't have fragile x. i had him tested when he had one of his lead tests.
hubby: well, this would have been helpful information. when were you planning on telling us this, dr?
dr v: oh, it slipped my mind with all the lead stuff going on. you should let the geneticist know the results.
hubby: we should let him know?
dr v: yes, give him a call and let him know.
hubby: o...k...


hubby: that's it! we need a new doctor! ok, he threw in some explitives, but this is a family site.

grandmom and grandpop were especially upset. grandmom got to work and found us dr s. dr s is the son-in-law of a member of their church and ranked as the top surgeon in the state. his secretary called us the day after grandmom talked to dr s's wife.

we like dr s!!!

meanwhile the prince doesn't have fragile x and his chromosomes are fine.


and the moral of my story is: you gotta trust your doctor.

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

Aunt Mame is particuarly fond of the number 18.

Bad Alice said...

Ugh, there's nothing like a bad doctor. And by bad I mean they don't take you and your needs seriously. I remember watching my littlest one having seizures, but it took a neurologist actually walking in on one to convince anyone that she didn't have "night twitches", as one inane pediatrician suggested.

This sounds like an awful process. I think I missed how all the lead got in his system--were you in a contaminated house? How dreadful for you.

Bad Alice said...

Hi, just saw you posted an answer in my blog. What a bummer! I've always thought it would be soooo lovely to live in an old house. All that history, the craftsmanship, and so forth. I grew up hearing about the dangers of lead paint but haven't thought about it in years. Did you have to move (sorry if I'm asking something you blogged about--I cruise around so many that some of the details start to blur and I inevitably miss some days, too)? What do they do about a house contaminated like that?

Jacklyn Hyde said...

Thanks be to every deity imaginable that you've found a doctor worthy of your children, AND that your baby boy is healing! Love to you!

"and vivian followed."

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