Monday, January 30, 2006


i love quilts. the one posted here was done by a woman at the church who is an amputee. years ago she wanted to start quilting but only had one arm. she began to make calls to find someone to teach her how to do it, but all of them kept telling her that it was impossible to quilt with just one arm.

and then one day she talked to a woman about teaching her to quilt "i'm an amputee and only have one arm, can you teach me?"

and the instructor's response: "i don't know, let's find out."

she now makes incredible art and i was lucky enough to "win" this one in a silent auction for only $35. it is certainly worth 3 times as much. usually it hangs in my family room which has tomato colored walls.

when my grandmother died i inherited all her quilting supplies. i am nowhere near as good at this artwork as either my g-mom or my church member, but i enjoy trying.

i love the story of this particular quilt especially because i lost my favorite quilt to mildew over a year ago. that quilt had been made by my great- grandmother when she was in her 90's. one of the pieces in the corner had been inverted, but i never saw it as a mistake; instead it made the quilt an individual like me.

i mourn the loss of that quilt and so i am greatful for this one an the beauty it brings to my home(even this tiny little temporary home we are in right now.)


Tom in Ontario said...

I've always wanted to try quilting. I've got a great idea for a quilt, a Scrabble board. Maybe you could even make velcro letters.

At our seminary (Waterloo Lutheran Seminary) every new student receives a quilt from the Seminary Women's Auxiliary. Quilt day is an exciting day and since I've graduated and left they've started incorporating quilt day with worship that day. We receive our quilts by drawing a number and I lucked out with a beautiful one. My wife's got it stored somewhere rather than using or displaying it. Some were less fortunate than I was. I'm nor sure what some people were thinking when they chose the colours for some of those quilts.

Blogzie said...

Beautiful story and beautiful quilt.

My Danish grandmother was a quilter. I used to have several, but like an idiot, I used them over the years rather than preserve them. Now that I own my first home, I regret that I no longer have them.

I have a 16 year old relative who was born with one hand. She never fails to amaze me with all she can do.


Jaded&Opinionated said...

I love the quilt and love the wonderful story that goes with it! God certainly does help us overcome, doesn't He?

I hope all is well with the silent prince. We're in the process of getting a home equity line of credit so we can pay for Jadette's lawyers. Some things just need to be done, y'know?

CrackerLilo said...

That is so beautiful--and with one arm! Amazing!

"and vivian followed."

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