Wednesday, February 22, 2006


the princess kitty hosted her very first slumber party on monday night and it wasn't a massacre!

it wasn't her first sleep-over, we've had lots of those, but this was the first sleep-over with multiple friends. she chose 3 friends from daycare (the two we invited from school never responded). the silent prince had a sleep-over at grandmom and grandpop's and hubby and i went and picked up the girls after daycare for an evening of hilary duff music, dress-up clothes, and bouncing on the furniture.

the trauma of the night was when one girl decided she needed to go home to be with mommy. the princess kitty was devastated, but got over it eventually. and another girl cried a couple of times during the night forcing me to sleep on the couch. (ever notice that rhymes with ouch?)

next morning i returned the girls to daycare and was informed that they had a great time (and yes, we played hilary duff in the car on the way there 'cuz i'm the best mommy ever!)

i just wish i understood why they call it a slumber party when it was so hard to get them to actually SLEEP!

God's peace y'all!


Trudy Booty Scooty said...

lol You are a brave brave Mommy! :)

"The Princess Kitty" should be my 7 yr old daughter's name too...she is obsessed with anything Princess, Puppy or Kitty...and often combines them all together.

I'm glad the slumber party turned out so well!

We did one Sat night with just ONE friend...and although I got them both to sleep by midnight, (after sitting in the room with them until they actually went to sleep), I was drained the next day! I can't imagine having more than one girl over yet.

Bad Alice said...

Maybe this is why DramaQueen's friend's mom suddenly decided against the slumber party birthday and switched to an indoor inflatable party--more sleep!Though I think the inflatable party probably qualifies her as a best mommy, too. Man, kids love those bouncy things.

sttropezbutler said...


This sounds like fun?

No way Jose..but then I'm not a parent!

You're a terrific one!


"and vivian followed."

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