Sunday, February 19, 2006

sunday blogging

we're waiting for the grandparents to arrive for a be-lated valentine's day party. the princess kitty has finally finished over-decorating a vanilla cake with chocolate frosting which is my favorite. mom is bringing a treat for dinner: summer sausage.

summer sausage can only be gotten in and around the little towns where my parents grew up in pa. it's not exaclty breakfast sausage... it's better; it's not hot, but not really sweet either. it's just plain yummy. my mouth is watering just thinking about it. if only i had lettuce with hot bacon dressing to go with it.

mom was visiting my g-mom this weekend and convinced the butcher to give her all the sausage he had left (including some from another order.) g-mom is 99 years old and it took awhile for her to figure out who my mom was at first, but apparently she was holding a picture of my parents and one of my kids when my mom arrived unannounced. somehow she knew.

it's been an emotional weekend for me. a man i've been visiting with since coming here passed away early friday morning. the last think i said to him before leaving the hospital was i love you, i'll see you again. i'm glad he died (sad, but glad that his struggle has finally ended with cancer and congestive heart failure.) they would have put in a feeding tube had he lasted another day.

he was a fighter and a believer. i know he's in a better place.

tomorrow night the silent prince is going to stay at the 'rents while the princess kitty hosts her very first slumber party. four 5-6 year olds in this apartment. oye vey. should be fun.

ahhh! the sausage... i mean my wonderful parents have arrived. time to make dinner.

God's peace y'all!


cats said...


BostonPobble said...

oh man...the only that comes out of her kitchen I like more is chicken and dumplings. *drool*

Good luck with the slumber party. Does Aunt Mame need to come help? ;)

If God is good ~ and we know she is ~ you will be the last person to say "I love you and I'll see you soon" to me, too. You're the best at it I know. You're in my prayers even more than usual.

dondon009 said...

Hope you had a wonderful day with your parents........ the sausage sounds delicious. When my parents visit it's "woo hoo, the ATM machine ... oops, I mean my parents have arrived.


CrackerLilo said...

Dondon, the ATM machine! :-D

I'm glad you enjoyed it, Cats. How did you and your house make it through the slumber party?

"and vivian followed."

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