Saturday, July 22, 2006

my week

this has been a week...

sunday, right after church, i felt a bit sick to my stomach so i went home immediately and lay down in the ac and slept. when i woke up i felt a bit better and the family went to my parent's house for dinner. my appetite was back and i ate as though i hadn't felt sick at all.

monday, we visited the developmental psychologist and got the news about the silent prince. it was stuff i already knew in my heart and was just waiting for someone to validate. then i went to lunch with the staff at church... mexican... comfort food... excpet that they were out of fried ice cream (we actaully watched them take the last one to another table.)

tuesday was the council meeting. it was supposed to be a pot-luck at my house, but it was so hot i couldn't even bring myself to clean or set up tables outside and so we ate at the church on the tablecloths from my house. i even cut fresh flowers from the yard.

wednesday... all i remember of wednesday was the bathroom and my bedroom and the horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach.

thursday i spent in bed. though i felt better, it seemed prudent after what had happened wednesday. that evening i was supposed to go out with a friend for drinks and to shop for vacation bible school. we went shopping, but there was no drinking involved.

friday i woke up with the only thing that would make the week complete. (if you are a woman, you probably know what i'm talking about... if you are a man then be grateful you don't.) i did a few things at church, but went home shortly after my secretary told me that my face was white as a sheet. i accomplished a few things, but not nearly as many as i wanted to get done and then we went back to my parent's for dinner.

saturday (that would be today) i worked on the computer, getting some things ready for next week's vacation bible school and then we went to a church picnic for hubby's church. it was held at the home of one of the members and had a pool. it was all the princess kitty could talk about. shortly after getting there i stepped on a bee. thankfully i am not allergic and the bee kept its stinger, but man.. did it hurt. the party was nice... even though there was a downpour about halfway through and we had to rush inside with all the food. my purse got soaked, as did hubby's dry clothes. but the silent prince did have a great time playing in the mud.

and yet... i think i'm glad that tomorrow starts a whole new week.

God's peace y'all


RickinVa said...

Heavenly Father, we don't understand the whys, in fact at times we think this, well, is simply wrong. Help us to trust you through the pain, help us in our unbelief, manifest your presence by the power found only via your Holy Spirit, in Christine's circumstance we ask that you would dwell tangibly, even as we pray in Your son's name, Jesus Christ.

Sue said...

Aw, what a nasty week. I hope this coming week is a vast improvement. I do hope and pray that you are feeling better soon.

"and vivian followed."

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