Saturday, July 08, 2006

why hasn't cats been blogging?

i dunno...

could be that i have been suffering from blogger's block (though not writer's block since i'm working hard on 2 seperate books and loving it.)

could be that the 'puter is making me crazy because a little piece of plastic has gotten caught in the fan and now it sounds like the 'puter has asthma. the little piece of plastic is from the wireless card being pushed too far into the notebook and thus turning my laptop into a desktop.

could be that it is often way too hot in the room where the 'puter is located and when it is cool enough i want to be out on my porch where the laptop no longer goes.

could be that i've been busy trying to be busy and i have less time to sit at the 'puter.

could be that now that it's summer the silent prince is at home more and the office is too far from where he's allowed to be.

could be that i'm simply going through some strange phase of computer overload (i was so attached to this piece of equipment while at the apartment and now that i'm home there is other stuff to attract my attention.)

could be...

who knows.

God's peace y'all


BostonPobble said...

Don't worry about it. ;) We're all blogging less with summer here.

the tentmaker said...

Well, I do like your sermons. Assuming you give at least one every Sunday, you have been holding out on us.

dondon009 said...

This seems to be something we all go thru.....

I never imagined that I would get "bloggers block", posting sometimes twice daily; but it happens and it happened.

Wait until the fall when the weather is cooler and the 2006 elections are in the air!!!!

Should prove interesting....

Enjoy the summer.


CrackerLilo said...

You'll get unblocked, I'm sure. I get scared when my computer makes noises.

Oh, and I wasn't offended at ALL--I understood! My first-choice color was turquoise, but L'Ailee said she'd never use the bed again if I painted it that color.

Hope you enjoy your summer!

"and vivian followed."

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