Saturday, September 02, 2006

snakes on a boat

well yesterday was a wonderful day for hubby and me.

mom came and picked up the kids after the bus dropped them off from school and we got dressed and went to lunch at my favorite cafe. i've been there several times with the pobble, but i've never been able to take hubby so i was happy we could go.

lunch was yummy and we decided to head home and see if there were any movies playing at about 5:00. nope... not a one. so we hung out at the house for a while then went out to an early dinner. we picked the resturant because someone had given hubby a gift card there after he had performed their wedding and refused to take a payment for it. (hubby is just that way.) my parents had given us some spending money too so when we opened the menu and discovered lobster tails... we knew exactly what to order.

the lobster was preceeded by cocktails. mine was a cosmopolitan, the only thing i drank during my wedding weekend after my maid of honor ordered one for me.

dinner was great and the waitress was wonderful. she gave us just the right amount of attention, put a candle in our dessert (and had a lttle heart and the number 10 written in chocolate on the cake plate) and didn't let the rest of the staff sing to us... even though they wanted to.

afterwards we headed for the mall. we were off to see snakes on a plane. now, you might not think that's too romantic for a 10th wedding anniversary, but let me tell you when hubby and i never get to go out to dinner and a movie... well... it was exactly what we wanted to do.

the movie was awesome! (unless you have trouble with snakes and the crazy ways they can kill you if they are "on crack"... so saith samuel l jackson.)

we left the theater and decided to go out for some drinks before heading home and hubby says...

warning... the next paragraph contains a slight spoiler...

so all those snakes wound up in the ocean somewhere? yep, i say, which opens it up for a sequel: snakes on a boat.

after drinks it was time to go home... and that part i will keep to myself.

but it was a wonderful day and i am so very blessed.

God's peace y'all

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dondon009 said...

What a beautiful way to spend a 10th wedding anniversary (although Snakes on a Plane kinda throws me off course here).

You are indeed blessed!



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