Wednesday, October 11, 2006

our hero

uncle jefro raised $200 in his name towards autism.

this past weekend we travelled to see hubby's family and i got permission to put his picture up on the blog.

and i got to say a big THANK YOU to him.

if you are looking for something to watch on tv this sunday check out night of too many stars on comedy central.

and this friday, hubby and i will go to the fencing company to see about fencing in our backyard so that the silent prince can play outside without our worry that he'll run away if we turn our heads. this, because of the money that was raised at the children's cabaret last month equalled almost $3,000.

wanna donate somehow? you can go here.

God's peace, y'all


Sue said...

It is amazing what one person can do to help a cause that is important to them. This is so great.

revabi said...

This is so cool. Way to go for Uncle Jefro.
And glad you can get the much needed fence.

"and vivian followed."

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