Friday, December 01, 2006


so i had to make an ice cream run for the princess kitty and her sleepover friend last night. it was about 8:45 when walking out the door hubby asked me to make it a beer run as well. "hurry," he told me "because you can't buy beer in the market after 9PM".

at the store i grabbed a cart and threw in a 12 pack of something or other and a 6 pack of something else and trotted down the ice cream aisle to get some fudgsicles.

i heard the announcement that it was time to close up the beer area, but i had mine in my cart already and i had a few minutes to spare. i decided i wanted some pita bread and hummus for a snack and got into the only line open behind 2 very full carts.

another cashier opened for another man with a few items and i snuck behind him and put my beer up on the conveyer only to be told by the cashier that by the time she would ring me up it the register would probably not let her sell me the beer. "go to customer service quick and see if she can do it."

so i take off for customer service where i also wind up in line. by the time she scans my beer it is 9:01 and it will not scan.

now... it's just beer, but come on! i had it in my cart and i was in line before 9:00. and because i had to wait in line i can't buy it!

oh, but i can go out to a bar drink all the beer i want and try to make my way home. but, if i want to buy beer to drink safely in my home... forget it!

one minute... one stinking minute...

ah well...

God's peace y'all

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Anonymous said...

Lithus ended up in rural Virginia a couple Sundays ago. He wanted a beer to go with his bbq after a long and tiring day. I said "Um...good luck." Sure enough... I've got Guinness in my fridge with your name on it if it gets you here. :)

"and vivian followed."

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