Wednesday, December 06, 2006

lost cats and dead plants

last week i noticed that one of the kitties was missing. we have 2: cinderella and jasmine. they are pretty antisocial and so i don't pay too much attention to their whereabouts on a daily basis. but it had suddenly occurred to me that while jasmine was "around" cinderella wasn't.

at first i thought maybe she was just hiding, but at night, when they are most active and most often together, jasmine was by herself.

i started to worry that i was going to find a dead kitty or that suddenly a pregnant kitty would show up at my door. neither are fixed, but neither have ever shown any interest in going outside for any reason.

i didn't want to tell the princess kitty, but after day 3 she heard us talking and it couldn't be avoided.

and then hubby heard mewing. we followed the sound to the attic and there she was. i can't wait to discover what she used as a litter box up there.

so the cat was alive and found... the plants in my kitchen, which were never missing... are now dead. apparently i over-watered the sage hanging over my sink and another set of plants on one of the windowsills. they had hung outside on my porch, but when the weather got cold i moved them inside, but continued to water them as i had watered them when they were on the porch.

i knew the sage wasn't going to make it. it was just a matter of time before i gave up on it, but as of last night the others looked healthy and beautiful. this morning they were wilted over the sides of the planter.

of course i had just said to someone last night that i was impressed with myself for even having plants. it's been awhile since i've been able to grow anything inside and i'm only partially successful outside.

at least i have some clippings from the ones that died overnight that i can replant and this time... i think i'll keep them a little thirstier.

God's peace and green thumbs y'all


Anonymous said...

Hey, I killed an aloe plant. Do you have any idea how hard it is to kill an *aloe* plant?

dondon009 said...

I have a black (for mourning) thumb.... I cannot keep any type of plant alive for very long, so I've just given up on indoor growing; refusing to murder another living plant.

Outside is another story.... cactus plants surround this cottage. Not because I care for them, they just seem to thrive. I just don't look at them too long, fearing that they might get the "look" and wilt away!

Sue said...

I'm so glad that kitty is okay.

Plants are safer in the care of anyone besides me. I am like the grim reaper of plants.

"and vivian followed."

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