Tuesday, December 25, 2007


i started saying happy holidays before it was considered the pc thing to do. i've had the priveledge of knowing people from different faith and non faith traditions all my life.

and while today is christmas i know that this is a holy time for many, even if the "holiness" of the day is secular.

i would take the time to google all the different names for this day and season, but i have to go make breakfast for the silent prince (the princess kitty is still dreaming of sugarplum fairies)and finish getting the house ready for our company today.

so happy holy-days to all of you. may they be a blessing and a joy. may sorrow and sadness fade away in your lives. may the world come to know and embrace peace. and may there be love in your hearts and in your homes.

God's peace y'all


2 Dollar Productions said...

I go back and forth on this one, and went with Christmas on my blog (although I was going to be last night thinking I should have also included a 'happy holidays').

Regardless, hope yours has been enjoyable.

Jacklyn Hyde said...

B'Shalom, sweetie!

"and vivian followed."

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