Friday, January 04, 2008

of hot pink, fuzzy robes

this past christmas i asked for a specific list of things and received just about all of them. the spoons being just one of the things i truly wanted.

i also got itunes from my brother and slick. it's been fun adding some new music, though the album i've been waiting for doesn't come out until march and i suspect that by then i will have spent all the itunes. (but my birthday is in march, so i have hope).

i asked my parents for a gift card to see the hair dresser we all visit with. she and my mom have become good friends and before xmas when my mom went to get the certificate she told gloria about hubby's test. gloria responded by writing a second certificate just from her. i can't wait to go get my cut, color, and my eyebrows waxed. (i'm started to get a little hairy above the eyes.)

when hubby's mom asked what we wanted for xmas from our pollyannas i said i needed a square frying pan so i could make more than one piece of french toast or grilled cheese sandwich at a time. and guess what my wonderful mil put under the tree for us!

and then there were the gifts from hubby and the kids. i mentioned to hubby that perhaps next xmas i was going to ask for jewelry, but that i really wanted a pretty long sleeved nightgown for this year... the nightgown looks really good with the white gold diamond hoop earrings they gave me.

months ago i mentioned to the pobble that i wanted a new cutting board. and it came with a hot pink fuzzy robe. i think i have lived in the robe since christmas. it's one of my new favorite things.

even with all the stress of the past few weeks i've realized how much i've really enjoyed this past christmas. it's not all about the stuff that i got though i can't remember the last time that "santa" listened so well. being around family and friends was such a joy.

it's been two years now that we have been able to spend christmas at home; exactly the same amount we weren't able to spend at home the two years before. traditions seem to be reinventing themselves. we even spent new year's with the prince's godparents, something we missed doing for a few years because new year's was falling too close to sunday and we couldn't travel.

even missing friends at the table this year wasn't such a downer. not having the pobble here for christmas (last year she was the guest who wouldn't leave) was sad, but the joy of knowing that she was happy where she was made the melancholy go away.

and we saw hubby's nephew who now lives in hawaii. and one brother-in-law, hubby, and i went out for drinks with his neice. nephew was 13 when we got married and hubby bought my engagement ring the day of the neice's 8th grade graduation. it's scary that they are growing up so fast (actually, they are totally grown now) but how much fun was it to see them as the adults i always knew they would become!

all in all it was a wonderful holiday time... a warm, hot pink, fuzzy holiday.

God's peace y'all


CrackerLilo said...

Happy New Year!!!

I'm glad you had such a great Christmas. :-)

Everyone needs a fuzzy robe to live in during winter, I think.

Keli said...

Hot pink fuzzy bathrobe!!!
Now we'll match. :)


BostonPobble said...

Sounds lovely. Wish I had been there and you are right, I was happy where I was, too. :)

2 Dollar Productions said...

That sounds like about as good a holiday as you can ask for, and I think that re-inventing traditions is always a smart idea.

"and vivian followed."

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