Wednesday, May 21, 2008

am i really that warped?

every year when we go to the obx (outer banks, nc for those of you who don't know) for vacation i buy hubby a t-shirt to memorialize the trip. )i usually make him buy me jewelry).

last year i bought him a t-shirt he has yet to wear. i had forgotten all about it until today when i was looking for a nice big baggy t-shirt to walk in and opened his closet to steal one and there it was. (i can also say that later on when he saw me in it he didn't even accuse me of stealing like he usually does.)

pirates are a big theme at the obx. i have one of those oval shaped bumper stickers with a jolly rogers and the statement that "Women who behave rarely make history." on my car. and i have a baseball hat with the jolly roger on it too which i usually wear to walk in as well.

the t-shirt has a pirate/jolly roger theme. i think it's hysterical. in fact when i was shopping with my sister-in-law, slick, she and i were in hysterics when we saw it.

on the back it has a skull and crossbone and it saws: "Hi. I'm Roger. I'll be flogging you today."

hubby didn't get it neither did the people i work with. i think they are pretty smart people with good senses of humor. in fact when i married hubby i told my mother-in-law that i was going to laugh for the rest of my life because hubby is that funny.

the only conclusion i can come to is that slick and i just have terribly warped senses of humor.

ah well, at least i am in good company.

God's peace y'all


jadedjabber said...

I think it is darn funny!

Jacklyn Hyde said...

He'd fit in PERFECTLY in Ocracoke with that! You can always wear it as a nightshirt.

CrackerLilo said...

I think it's hilarious!

I have a good friend who always likes to wear the nastiest T-shirts he can think of. His favorite reads, "I'm the one you've gotta blow to get a drink around here." I think he needs that OBX shirt!

BostonPobble said...


next time I borrow a t-shirt from him, it's gonna be that one!

slick said...

Well, I MAY have a warped sense of humor. :D But isn't that why we get along so well!?!?!??!!


PS: can't wait for OBX!!

"and vivian followed."

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