Saturday, May 03, 2008

is it still a detox if...

i am doped up on allergy meds and cough drops?

the coughing started friday and hasn't stopped. when i checked the pollen forecast for my area it looked more like the government's warning system telling us that terrorists had attacked and we were all going to die horrible deaths.

i'm sure my throat looks as though terrorists have already been there. it now hurts to talk and has felt this way all day. this doesn't bode well for me since sundays are the one day i have to talk and the fact that i have been sucking on ricola drops like my life depended on them doesn't help.

i only have 2 days left on the detox. when i woke up yesterday i decided not to walk even though i had gotten up to 3 miles a day. i was exhausted and misreable from not really sleeping the night before. last night was worse though. in between waking myself up from coughing the princess kitty couldn't sleep and made sure i knew that twice during the night and the silent prince chimed in at least once that he wasn't happy.

i want to feel better by tuesday when hubby says he will take me out for mexican food to celebrate the end of the detox. but as i said before... am i still detoxing if i've replaced my daily salad and 8 glasses of water with benedryl, robitussin, and nyQuil just to get me through my day? and if i am really no longer detoxing because of all the crap i am taking... can't i just go have a bowl of ice cream to numb my throat?

guess i'll just suck on another ricola.

God's peace y'all

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CrackerLilo said...

Don't feel bad if you have to treat a condition! Sorry you're sniffling!

I have hay fever in *New York City*. I'm from Florida; my body still doesn't know how to cope with seasons.

"and vivian followed."

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