Sunday, April 17, 2005

cats the tattooed lady

i have tattoos, four to be exact. i often forget that i have them. a few weeks ago i went to visit the massage therapist who is a member of my church and decided to get a massage. (ooh, it was heaven.) about half-way through my back i realized that she now knew more about me than i had intended for others to know. oops.

the first tat was done in 1991. i was 21 years old and found myself on the cusp of a new life. i had decided to go back to school to finish college and then go on to seminary. my best friend had just announced that she had always wanted a tatoo so we decided to make the journey together. i left sylvester's tatoo shop with a small cresent moon, about the size of a quarter on my left shoulder. it's a pretty pagan symbol; the mark of a priestess, but it was exactly what i wanted to mark that period in my life. my best friend chickened out.

the second tat came on my 32nd birthday. my left ankel sports a cross and the initals of my children. the tatoo artist's name was buffy and she did the next two tats as well: an angel down the center of my back and two dolphins that form the shape of a heart on my lower back. i used money from a funeral that i performed for a lovely sweet woman for the dolphins. her ashes were placed in three urns that (and i can't believe how beautiful they were) were shaped like dolphins, hubby's favorite animal.

tats are addictive. i'd like more, but each of mine represent something very important to me so i won't get another just for the heck of it, besides they aren't exactly cheap. and believe me, you don't want to skimp on permanent markings when they go on your body.

well, now my secret is out there in cyberspace. but then it is 70 and sunny today... chances are someone would notice eventually.


Sue said...

how very excellent cats! I have only one tattoo -- a hummingbird -- and would love another. I got mine for my 40th birthday.

i love the dolphins -- they sound beautiful!

Jacklyn Hyde said...

33 and still no ink done here. However, you know my pain threshold is somewhere around nil. Hopefully, your parishoners know you for much more than the tats!

"and vivian followed."

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