Saturday, April 09, 2005

ramblings on sharing our bread

the gospel reading for tomorrow is luke 24:13-35. in it the risen christ meets two disciples on the road to emmaus on easter day. they are running away from jerusalem and the horror that they faced there. at first they don't recognize jesus until he shares a meal with them and then they are overwhelmed by the experience, so overwhelmed that they return to jerusalem and tell the other disciples what happened.

the invitation for communion is this: Reveal yourself to us, O Lord,in the breaking of bread,as once you revealed yourself to your disciples.

jesus is revealed to us when we share a meal. breaking bread is an opening up of relationship to each other and to God. the prophet isaiah writes: "oh that you would break open the heavens and come down" and this is exactly what God does through a simple act of breaking bread. i love all the hidden meanings: bread=heaven. sharing food= sharing God's love.

tomorrow the sunday school at salem will focus on world hunger. in the Lord's Prayer we pray that God will give us this day our daily bread which i've come to believe is not just bread to satisfy our needs but the needs of the whole world. luther tells us that God indeed provides for our every need. now if we could learn how to share the resources that God has given to us with the whole world.

ahh... saturday morning ramblings...

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