Friday, November 03, 2006

a day that will live in infamy

first of all, my mother-in-law always reads my blog (hi mom!) and while she doesn't post responses here she does often comment about what i wrote.

and so i got the email reminding me that we vote on december 7th, not the 11th.

so please don't go to the polls on the 11th...

wasn't it dan quail who made the mistake about the anniversary of d-day? suddenly he doesn't seem so stupid to me anymore... of course i was sick when i wrote my last blog...

God's peace y'all... and don't forget to vote (on the right day of course.)


Don in MI said...

I think it was candidate George Bush who got the date wrong. Quail coudn't spell potato.

Don in MI said...

My coment above seemed kind of abrupt(I was typing in the dark and half-asleep). My brother and his new wife voted in the 1952 election, and would not tell anyone how they voted, except that they cancelled each other out. Now, more than 50 years later, they still keep their voting to themselves, but not their opinions! No one can knows which one is "liberal" or "conservative."

My brother's in-laws and our parents were diametrically opposed politically ane in matters of faith. In spite of that, they became close friends for the rest of their lives and never let politics become an issue in their friendships. the important issue was they voted in every election as I sat in the car waiting (I couldn't listen to the radio because it would burn the "points" and run the battery down).

Thank you for stiring up some pleaant memories of my childhood. I learned to respect diversity of opinions in those days and once in awhile I remember that.


MikeC said...

Election day is, of course, November 7, not December 7. But I've already mailed in my absentee ballot. In my county, Santa Clara county, of Silicon Valley fame in Northern California, 44% of voters are voting absentee. Hopefully that will reduce fraud from the use of voting machines. No, I'm not cynical, and yes the last two presidential elections were stolen. :-)

Dan Quayle got a lot wrong, including the spelling of potato, but it was the elder George Bush who got the date for Pearl Harbor (not D Day) wrong.

"and vivian followed."

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