Wednesday, November 01, 2006

you can't complain if you don't...


my dad has been pushing a particular candidate to hubby and me; he's a person we've already decided to vote for so he can stop now. the other night, hubby got roped into a phone poll from the other candidate and when asked why we were voting the way we were told the pollster that our candidate didn't make him want to vomit the way the other candidate did.

and the pollster typed it all down.

then today i stopped by dondon009 who had this on his blog:

Dear Friend,

It's come down to this. After months of hard work and big hopes, we've got seven days left to change America - seven days to affirm our belief in better days ahead.

In seven days, voters across America will have the opportunity to vote for the America we dream of - to vote for a change in Washington that will allow our government to start working for the people it represents.

It's a change that means renewed efforts to make health care affordable and available for all Americans.

It's a change that means the oil companies won't be writing our energy policy so we'll have a chance for real energy independence in this country.

It's a change that means a new Iraq policy so that we can change course and start bringing our troops home.

All of this - and more, is possible - but only if you show up and VOTE.

If you stay home, and don't demand change with the power of your VOTE, we'll face two more years of the same failed leadership and the same failed course.

We can do better. We must do better.

It's this easy:

Exercise your right to VOTE.


Senator Barack Obama

i don't like to publicly endorse candidates or a political party, but i will say this: if you don't vote you can't complain.

my parents always took my brother and me with them when they voted. i loved the idea of going into that curtained booth with them and helping them to pull the lever. i couldn't wait to turn 18 and be given the chance to go into that booth by myself.

i turned 18 right before a presidential campaign... my candidate lost, but i remember feeling like i had been part of a very important process none-the-less.

i plan on taking the princess kitty with me on the 11th so that she can have that same experience when she grows up. it won't be the first time that she's been in a voting booth and i will do my best to make certain it's not the last.

please take the time to vote next tuesday. if you haven't registered to vote then do it now, even if it means you can't vote until the next set of elections. this country is great for so many reasons, but won't remain so if we become apathetic to who serves in public office.

i won't say that i don't care who you vote for, the fact is i do... i just won't tell you who to vote for... and to vote!

trust me... it feels great!

God's peace y'all

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