Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the funnest state of the union ever!

that's what hubby called it last night when i recommended we make watching it a drinking game.

we picked 4 words and agreed that every time he mentioned one of them or a derivative of that word we would have to drink. the words were:

terror, immigration, borders, and success.

hubby went bounding down the stairs to bring up the rest of the wine for me and a beer for him exclaiming that this would be the funnest state of the union ever! why hadn't we been doing this all along!

we didn't have much success with the word success; we only counted it once. but, i did finish off the bottle of wine which only filled about 3/4 of my glass anyway. i did take small sips especially every time he said terror or any other form of the word and i think i only missed drinking 2 times once my glass was empty.

i didn't watch the democratic response, choosing instead to play chuzzle on the computer (i think i dreamed of it last night...chuzzle, not the state of the union or any response to it.)

the highlight of the night for me was hearing the words, "Madame Speaker." whatever you might feel about her or the dems it was an historic moment and i got to see it.

speaking of the dems... this link was on the page next to my email this morning. i got a kick out of it though i probably won't invest the $10 to purchase one.

God's peace y'all


classi_college_dude said... totally took my idea. Now that next year I'll be legal, I must say I'm going to do the same. It seems to me that it is the only way to get through any of the Moron-in-Chief's speeches without weeping, or laughing so hard you miss everything.

BostonPobble said...

I'm *so* coming over for the next State of the Union address!

"and vivian followed."

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