Monday, January 29, 2007

prayers for pansy

if you read my post about the holidays then you might remember me mentioning that we visited my grandmother after her 100th birthday right after christmas.

at the time she had a really nasty sore on the outside of her one eye; my mother told me today that they have found a tumor underneath and it will need attention. attention means that her doctors will have to decide if surgery or radiation is doable. without treatment she will most likely wind up with cellulitis in her face. her name is pansy.

my mom sounded concerned and unconcerned at the same time. she has a way of doing that.

the conversation began with her giving me an update on my uncle. hubby refers to him as "the uncle so nice i'm related to him twice." he is my dad's cousin and married to my mom's sister. we found out a few weeks ago that he has cancer; the doctors he has seen sound positive, but he could use prayers too. he is my aunt's 3rd husband. the first marriage ended in divorce, the second when he died suddenly in a car accident a week before another aunt died of cancer.

so prayers, happy thoughts, candles, chants, spells... whatever it is you do to connect to God would be appreciated.

God's peace y'all

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dondon009 said...

One day at a time, dear lady.....

With so many thanks for the prayers you've sent our way, I am sending positive energy and a promise from my family that we are returning the favors we've received thru your intercession, with prayer.


"and vivian followed."

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