Tuesday, January 23, 2007


i didn't mean to, but it seems i took a long hiatus from blogging. this included writing blogs and reading them. perhaps it was the holidays, maybe it had something to do with work, or it could have been that the 'puter died and is now in 'puter heaven.

so there is a new 'puter in my life... this one a desk top to replace the laptop that wouldn't consistently work. hubby got it for a real bargain from a contact at church. of course we've had it for awhile and though i have often had the thought: "i should blog about that" sitting down and actually writing out events or ideas hasn't been easy. must have something to do with getting back into the rythmn.

so where do i go next with these musings? i could just move on from this point, but then i will have missed the opportunity to tell those stories i've neglected. so perhaps a bit of both and perhaps i will begin now.

the holidays were wonderful...

it was the first christmas in two years we put up a tree as a family. after getting the kids to bed i walked into the living/dinning room where hubby was gazing at the lights. he put his arm out for me to cuddle up next to him. every year his father would look at their tree and exclaim, "it's the nicest tree we've ever had." hubby has taken on this tradition and as i snuggled up under his arm he said it. i burst into tears and responded, "i'm so happy!"

we had a fantastic christmas with family and friends. the week before xmas we celebrated with hubby's family at aunt tweety and uncle jefro's (the harley riding hero). the silent prince sat between uncle jefro and me at dinner and gave his uncle an extra present when we went to say grace before the meal. he heard the words we use and immediatly reached for his uncle's hand and mine because we hold hands to pray.

awe! i don't know what was more precious; the fact that the prince did this or the look on uncle jefro's face when it happened.

the pobble arrived a few days before xmas and stayed until after new year's. we called her the house guest that wouldn't leave. much to our delight, she just wouldn't leave... until she finally did.

we hosted xmas dinner. gmom supplied the fillet we were going to grill. when the grill wouldn't light i decided we could eat cheerios for dinner, nothing was going to spoil my day. eventually we got it lit and despite the fact that we ate later than i intended the food was fantastic. afterwards we watched the eagles beat the cowboys to our delight and the pobble's chagrin. poor thing, poor mislead dallas fan.

during the week we travelled to PA to visit my grandmother who had turned 100 on the 22nd of december. the pobble volunteered to watch the dog and keep the house from burning down while we were gone. she had trouble remembering who we all were (my grandmom, not the pobble) but we had a wonderful visit, swam in the heated pool at the hotel, and attended an impromptu family reunion where i met relatives i didn't even know i had.

my granparents were married 71 years before my grandfather died. they had 6 daughters (the first pregnancy was a still born son), 16 grandchildren (my brother being the youngest), 31 greatgrandchildren (the silent prince being the youngest), and now my grandmother has 5 great-greatgrandchildren. i have no issue with her not being able to remember us all.

new year's eve was celebrated with a bottle of champagne we've had in our fridge for the last two years, watching the ball drop on tv, and playing a game called blokus with hubby and the pobble. might not sound all that thrilling, but it was just right.

now it's time to catch up on some blog reading and to work ont he mental list of what to write next time.

God's peace y'all

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Tom in Ontario said...

Welcome back. I click here every Monday - Thursday and had just about given up on hearing from you again. Sounds like you had a great holiday. It's good to hear from you again.

"and vivian followed."

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