Monday, August 20, 2007

catching up with real life

the title for this post is thanks to $2.

first, let me say that catching up with real life sucks.

i've been trying to read some blogs, but there has been little time to really focus on any of that let alone write in mine. work is exhausting as it tends to be once you've returned home from a week and a half away. i'm getting lots done, but in the process realizing that the amount that needs to be done is way too much for a normal work day.

the silent prince is not in school or day care and it's frustrating to balance time between working at home and at work. (thank God for computers! and thank God for hubby who shares the time with me.)

speaking of the silent prince...

i've determined why it is so hard to potty train boys. it is because they have a natural toy hanging between their legs. and when your son with autism likes to flick things... well...

he has discovered that he can pull down his pants and pee everywhere. the other day i was working at the kitchen table and looked up to see him standing in the next room at the toy box peeing into it. he was so proud of himself. i only mopped the floor about 10 times that day... not to mention the times i had to clean and febreeze the couch, and put his clothes and stuffed animals into the wash.

i won't even go into why my knickname at home is the poop lady.

and then there are other things. things that i can't write about because they are personal for a whole other person and it's not my place to mention them here. and so for me there is a sadness in the universe i can do little about except to pray and hope that the sadness will turn to joy.

i have a few other random thoughts...

one is from vacation. traveling along listening to the music on my pink ipod shuffle via radio i discovered a truism in life: "who's cooler than david bowie?" i dare you to try and come up with someone.

the evangelical lutheran church in amercia (ELCA) of which i am a memeber had their national assembly while i was away. of all the things they decided upon one decision was to allow bishops more discretion in disciplining clergy they "discover" are living in same-sex committed relationships. a small step on the issue of homosexuality and the church, but a step none-the-less.

the beta version of the web-site i wrote for which is managed by my denomination's (ELCA) publishing house is now up and running. haven't gotten paid yet, but... i got to see MY STUFF in print!

i should post my latest sermon (since i haven't in awhile, but then i haven't preached since before vacation). it includes a funny story about my mother-in-law and myself and more thoughts on the decision made by the ELCA.

and then there is this random and yet disturbing image...

God's peace y'all and may the hello kitty force be with you...

"Luke, come to the pink side."


kristi said...

My son seems "shy" about his privates. He still refuses to wipe his butt.

2 Dollar Productions said...

Digging out after a vacation is almost draining enough to wish you hadn't gone in the first place. Not really, but you get the idea.

As for boys & peeing, it can only get better, but then again, I'm considerably older and to a certain degree it's still a game. Ha.

Jaded said...

I distinctly remember one time when my mother had sent my little brother to his room. He'd gotten very quiet so she sent me up to check on him. There he was, squatting on the floor, peeing into the heating duct. He couldn't have been more than like, maybe, 5 or 6, if that. But we smelled hot pee for weeks after that. UGH!

Jadette has been potty trained during the day since she was 3, but at night she still needs a pull-up. Most of the time, she makes it through the night dry, but sometimes, she's not so lucky. We've tried the big girl panties at night, but when she does have an accident, she doesn't wake up. I don't quite know what to do about that.

"and vivian followed."

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