Sunday, August 12, 2007

so many options

since returning home from vacation i realized that there were too many options as to what to call this post all of which would change the outcome of what i would actual write:

~back to life, back to reality (one of my favorite songs from the 80's)

~i can face the world again (my love of rum and ice cream, but not rum ice cream)

~why did he do that? (but i can't blog this because it would be a rant and reveal things that aren't for me to reveal)

~mom, am i too young to go skinny dipping? (don't know that i should blog about that either!)

~the challenges of unpacking

and so on...

vacation was wonderful, but it was too short. my sis-in-law (aunt kimmy) had a drink waiting for me (hubby's mom even emailed her to tell her she'd better have one ready... thanks mom.) and while traffic was horrible getting onto the outer banks we made good time. six years in a row we've gone and this is the first year that we weren't the last to arrive.

i read two wonderful books, both from my lovely sis-in-law, slick. the time travelers wife and wicked; the life and times of the wicked witch of the west. both very different and both well worth the read. and of course she and i did our annual take the princess kitty shopping day (it was only about 99 degrees that day) and then we went out to eat with her and brother and hubby for an amazing meal with ice cream for dessert at the fudgery (they actually mix fudge with the ice cream on a cold slab of marble.)

we spent a day on the beach riding waves with my fearless children, hubby, and my pseudo-godmother. i watched an amazing thunder and lightning storm over the sound from the balcony off of our room one night. went swimming just about every day in our pool, ate great food, and played blokus with various members of the household.

the highlight of the trip had to be when i walked up the stairs to see my dad throwing a ball to the silent prince who was CATCHING it! the night we went out to dinner i came home to find out that he had sat at the dining room table and rolled the ball back and forth with pseudo-godmother for 5-10 minutes!

i've also discovered that i did not give birth to human children but fish tha tonly look like human children.

and now i am back and must rely upon this picture to remind me of the joys of this wonderful week:

God's peace y'all


dondon009 said...

It all sounds wonderful!

I'm so glad you had a great time...

"Welcome Back"


2 Dollar Productions said...

It's great when a vacation lives up to and exceeds expectations and it sounds like you had one.

Unfortunately, vacations are always too short. Good luck catching up w/ real life.

"and vivian followed."

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