Sunday, August 05, 2007


sitting next to my uncle at the bar/island which separates the kitchen from the living room and dining room of our vacation house while reading blogs and drinking a rum and coke he happens to mention that i have not linked my brother's blog on this site.

what kind of sister and i?

well, i have rectified the situation on his very own laptop. check out acknowledge... move on

God's peace y'all (and yes, i'm having a FANTASTIC time on vaca!)


2 Dollar Productions said...

I'm surprised your brother didn't notice the oversight first. Ha.

CrackerLilo said...

Glad you're having a good time!

My brother and I don't link because we prefer to communicate by phone and because it helps keep people who don't like one or the other of us from knowing for sure who we are ITRW. But we read each other all the time.

LRNs said...

So much for my quiet, under the radar blog. I mean, you're popular right? Next you know, I'll be getting hits from all over the place. Does this mean I have to start being controversial?

Sigh, and today's post was about Pat Burrell's batting average. Gotta be insightful...quick!

dondon009 said...

I took the challenge..... and read the brothers blog..... and I laughed a lot!

Just advise him not to stop by my place. I'm afraid the recent pic with the "whips and chains" might be a bit more than the poor man can handle!

Be well~


"and vivian followed."

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