Tuesday, April 29, 2008

just walkin' in the rain

i hadn't walked since friday morning. i was too tired on saturday after the day we had on friday and sunday just didn't work. yesterday i got up and got dressed, headed downstairs and opened the back door to see what it was like outside and saw a duck float by. well, not really, but it was pouring. this is good since we needed the rain, but i had hoped that it would wait to fall until later in the day.

this morning i wanted to stay in bed, but decided that i had to get up and walk. the only thing that would keep me from it would be the same kind of rain as yesterday. it was drizzling out, but that was it. i asked hubby if he thought i would get sick if i walked and he told me no, according to scientists, but yes, according to everyone else. so i went.

there was only one person fishing and two people walking. it wasn't raining at first, but it was definitely damp out and thankfully the water level of the pnd had drastically increased. it stared to rain when i hit 2 miles, but today i kept going. i walked 3 miles!!! and though i expected 2 miles to be hard since i hadn't walked since friday it wasn't hard at all to go 3 miles!

now if i could just get over the sugar cravings...

God's peace y'all


CrackerLilo said...

If the rain builds up more, you can canoe for upper body strength! :-)

revabi said...

keep walking, and working on it!

Jacklyn Hyde said...

Reading this post just reminded me that I have frozen grapes awaiting me. Thanks!

Oh, and I know you can do it, lady!

"and vivian followed."

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