Friday, October 21, 2005


i just watched batman begins this afternoon. (it's my day off and it was a very nice distraction.) it was perhaps the greatest of the batman movies. (though i will always be in love with michael keaton's bruce wayne.)

the movie persented the idea that one person could make a difference if they were willing to face their greatest fears.

growing up i was always surrounded by guys who loved comic books and i was enough of a geek to enjoy them too. the thing that made batman a different kind of super hero was that he didn't have any kind of superpowers; just really cool gadgets that he knew how to use. and he used his dark side, not for evil... but to do justice. he was called the dark knight for a reason.

what makes a person brave? it has to be that they are willing to do what is right even when they know that it could cause them pain. i know a person who is doing this right now. i can't share her story... because it is confidential. i can say that once she was a victim and now she has become a hero because of her willingness to do something that she knows is right, even though it is incredibly painful.

she's not batman, and she doesn't have any cool gadgets but she is a hero and i am so proud to know her.

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CrackerLilo said...

Wow, beautiful.

I wasn't going to see it because of Katie Holmes, but you made me want to.

And I have heroes like that, too. *hugs*

"and vivian followed."

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