Thursday, July 19, 2007

no weddings and a funeral

i'm home again from PA where my grandmother, whose name was pansy, lived and died. it was a good trip all things considered. we were able to take the kids to the pool at the hotel the night before which was fun and relaxing after the long drive. and the silent prince slept the whole night thru in the hotel room (that NEVER happens).

we missed the family viewing the night before. had i been ready to leave when i wanted to leave we might have made it, but we would all have been dressed in shorts and t-shirts and as it turned out the princess kitty was pretty adamant about not seeing her great-grandmom's body anyway.

there was an open casket set up at the church so i was able to kiss her good-bye. it feels funny to kiss such a cold thing. because the body was right at the entrance to the church we spent quite a bit of time outside with the kids during which time this exchange happened:

man from the church: "you're from connecticut? is it true what they are going to do up there?"

cats: "i don't know, what are we doing?"

man from the church: "you're going to let those aliens off scott free?"

cats: "what aliens? you mean we have martians in connecticut? because i am totally opposed to martians."

man from the church: "now i'm not prejudice, but those mexicans... they have all those drug problems down there."

cats: "that's why they all want to come here. to get away from all those drug problems."

man from the church: "but they bring them all up here."

cats: "i don't know, i see a lot of drug problems caused by white kids int he suburbs"

cats' brother: "ok, no no more politics."

i was the preacher at the funeral (only almost lost it once) and though i was very nervous (why, i don't know) it was a good sermon and it felt right.

my grandparents were married for 71 years before my grandfather died almost 11 years ago and they had 6 daughters. the first birth was a boy, but he was still born. one daughter, who was my godmother, died when i was in college. from the six daughters came 16 grandchildren (my brother is the youngest) and from us came 31 great grandchildren (the silent prince being the youngest.

at the funeral of my uncle (who's wife it was who died of cancer) we put the princess kitty (then a wee baby) in the arms of the oldest great grandchild. she had just gotten married and we had a long conversation about how they were going to wait a couple of years before having any children. my grandmother took one look at her holding the princess kitty and said, "she'll rub off on you." not even a month passed and we heard she was pregnant with the first great-great grandchild. last thursday she gave birth the to 6th great-great grandchild two days before my grandmom died at the age of 100.5.

right now i know she is with my grandfather, wearing red, and dancing with a smile on her face.

God's peace y'all


LRNs said...

I really didn't want to deck the old guy who had no business saying such crap to you at our grandmother's funeral. OK, I really DID want to deck hi,, but that's not the point.

You did a great job with the sermon. I would like a copy!

LRNs said...

Oh and another thing, any statement that starts with the phrase "now I'm not prejudice" is going to conclude with a big load of racist, ignorant dung that reinforces the stereo-type of the dang mountain hick that said it! I thought his string-tie choice on his white short-sleeve shirt really completed the whole scene too! I'm not sure if Spike Lee could have done better.

CrackerLilo said...

I'm glad the Silent Prince slept well for you when you needed it. I'm not glad that jerk tried to start something at the funeral, but your brother caught it in time, sounds like. Sometimes brothers can be quite wonderful.

I've never been able to kiss a body, so I respect your courage!

"and vivian followed."

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