Friday, February 22, 2008

8 inches

i have had a cold since waking up on wednesday. everyone and their mother has told me that i should take mucinex, "it's the wonder drug" "nothing else works for me."

it is also the most expensive over-the-counter cold medicine on the shelves of the cvs and even though i have been taking it religiously it has not helped ONE LITTLE BIT!!!

meanwhile there are up to 8 inches of snow outside. hubby and the princess kitty shovelled earlier and you can't tell that they did anything.

i'm going to go make some tea and collapse in front of the tv now.

God's peace y'all and remember to wash your hands.

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Jacklyn Hyde said...

Here's good news! There is a generic form of Mucinex that I've found at CVS, and it was only 5 dollars. Look for Guafenissin (SP?) in the cough / cold aisle. I've been popping one every four hours (yes, I'm sick as well).

"and vivian followed."

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