Thursday, February 07, 2008

writing about writing addendum

if you haven't read the post "writing about writing" then do that before reading this one.

this afternoon i decided to look around the attic to see if i could find my file box that i kept stuff in that i had written and sure enough there was the short story i thought i had lost. i had to stand there in the attic and reread the whole thing.

i suppose i have written better since, but when you think something you've written is lost is becomes larger than life, pulitzer prize winning work.

i also discovered the portfolio of my final assignment for my 12th grade creative writing class. i was afraid to even get that one out of the box!

and since i was asked... the excerpt in the last post is from book 2 (remember i haven't finished book 1 yet) about a warrior woman that becomes a queen. i did say i loved to write fantasy.

God's peace y'all


Jacklyn Hyde said...

Do you still have that wonderful piece with the Thumpity Man from the diner? Please say you do!

cats said...

jacklyn, that's exactly the story i thought i had lost!

2 Dollar Productions said...

I bet that was fun prowling around the attic, and finding that stuff. I plan to do the same the next time I visit my parents.

And your excerpt would fit in the fantasy genre.

CrackerLilo said...

Oh, I've had that happen to me, too! And then I find it and mutter, "What was I *thinking*?" Looks like Jacklyn agrees it's great, though, and I'm glad you found it!

"and vivian followed."

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