Sunday, March 13, 2005

my dad

i often like to visit my friend rick over at brutallyhonest (see link to the right). the other day he joked that he had produced some blogging offspring and i retorted by saying, "thanks dad." i was just reading a post on his site about the marines and unions and it got me thinking about my own dad. i am a pk (pastor's kid) by way of my father. my dad is a contemplative man with a severely dry sense of humor. people who know both of my parents often remark that i am a good mix of my dad's introspective personality and my mother's gregarious and outgoing personality. i would agree. i think i got the best of both of them.

a few years ago my father was asked to join a protest in support of union workers at a prestigious ivy league university. the workers were being treated like dirt by the school and he was trying to decide if he should go in support or not. when i asked him what was in his heart; what did he think he was called to do, he responded something like this: "i guess i should go protest."

shortly after joining the sit-in a picture was taken of him a row or two (i can't remember exactly) behind the rev. jesse jackson. his arms were linked with other community leaders and workers. it's a great picture and he has it hanging in his study. i like to look at it when i'm visiting my folks because some time after the picture was taken he was arrested.

my dad, a child of the 60's, who was in his first year of ministry when king and kennedy were shot, who never got into trouble in his life... was arrested!!!

and my response?

"i'm proud of you dad."

and when he shirked off my pride i reminded him that few daughters could say that they were proud of their fathers for being arrested.

i love you dad.

God's peace,


RickinVa said...
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RickinVa said...

Your dad sounds like a great guy... and we already know he has a great daughter...

"and vivian followed."

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