Monday, March 14, 2005

quote from my hubby

i found an old journal today. actually i had been looking for it and was pretty excited to find it as quickly as i did. while i have some personal stuff in it i primarly used it for writing down little quotes or thoughts i heard/had; you know, the stuff you hear every so often and think: WOW, that's brillent, but then promptly forget and wish you had written down somewhere.

in any case, here's one of my favorites, a quote from my hubby.

"Do you think God gets to stop worrying about us when we die? Is that why we're mortal?"



OMG said...

Hey cats, time for a new blog post. some of us time wasters DO read this stuff you know!

RickinVa said...

Missing your thoughts in the blogosphere....

"and vivian followed."

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