Friday, March 04, 2005

pizza in heaven

a second grader at my daughter's school died at the beginning of the week after a long battle against cancer. she was friends with another little girl who attends the church where i am the pastor. victoria, the girl from church, was having a hard time dealing with the news monday night at dinner (she had just found out that day). her mother tells me they were having pizza for dinner and victoria mentioned that pizza was one of her friend's favorite foods. "do you think God is giving her pizza in heaven?" she asked.

"yes." her mother replied.

there is pizza in heaven. i'd like sausage and raw onions on mine one day.

God's peace


Jacklyn Hyde said...

I need to remember that exchange. Kids, very often, have a way of explaining things beautifully to grownups. Thanks for that one!

Cindy said...

Hi cats, just fun to read your postings here and on DPS. Of course there is pizza in heaven! I suspect that's what the fiery wheels in Ezekiel were!!! Peace, Cindy

"and vivian followed."

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