Saturday, March 12, 2005

why i love my job

being a pastor is not the easiest job in the world. my mother-in-law likes to joke that pastors only work one hour a week (knowing fully well that isn't how it works.) when i meet people who are, for the most part, unchurched and they find out what i do for a living the are always fascinated that one can actually make a living doing what i do.

being a pastor can require working long and crazy hours, dealing with conflicts that are inane at best, and you can often feel as though you have no time to do what you are actaully called to do.

but i love my job. i love serving the community that has called me and i love serving the Church of Christ. and the thing that i love best is the relationships that i get to be in with people. i am invited into peoples' lives in a way that no other profession allows. people call me to be a part of their best and most joyous times: weddings, baptisms, and other special occassions. and i am called to be a part of their deepest grief at funerals, at deathbeds, in moments of guilt and suffering.

it might sound strange that being a part of the worst moments in peoples' lives is one of the things i love most about this job, but it is. you see, those are the moments when i've been called to speak for God; to remind people that God does indeed love them, forgive them, and has gone through hell (literally) for them. my job is about the Good News; what can be better than that?

God's peace

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Sue said...

Amen!! It's true -- there's no life like it :)

"and vivian followed."

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