Wednesday, August 31, 2005

baby, you can drive my car...

so long as you pay for the gas.

yes, i'd like to rant a bit today...

my tank was empty (i mean running on fumes empty) on monday so i took it to the local gas station to fill it up only to discover that none of the pumps was in service. so i decided to drive to my appointment and hit another gas station that i know is across the street from the diner where i was meeting with the other local lutheran pastor. i have a saturn and one of the great things about saturns is that they run best on regular unleaded, so i can put the cheapest stuff in my tank. of course the cheapest stuff was $2.60something. so at $5.00 i hadn't even gotten 2 gallons of gas in my tank. when i got the car, only 4 years ago, $5.00 would have given me a half a tank. ~sigh~

well, today i drove by the local gas station again and the sign said that regular gas was now $3.04!!! how could gas go up .40 in two days!!! and this is the cheapest station in town. they didn't even bother listing the prices for the other two grades.

needless to say i am so very glad that i can walk to work.

i might have to buy a bike (which will be fun during the winter months.)

so there is rant number one. here's rant number two.

the christian exodus this is a group that wants to bring christianity back to the government. of course they mean morality and their brand of morality at that. i can't even tell you the prayers i am praying on this one.

the "reverend" phelps i could give you lots of links on this one; but i just found this blog and really enjoyed reading it so here it is. once again... prayers on this one i can't tell you... i find myself being too honest with God about my feelings to share them here. and just in case you think this is an issue for liberals only check out what rick at brutally honest has to say about phelps here.

well, there it is. as my friend the boston pobble says... that and a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee (unless you like the caramel lattes at dunkin donuts... those will cost you the same as a gallon of gas.)


BostonPobble said...

Not to interfere with the rant; rant away! However, the price hike of gas has been caused by Katrina. Seems like this bitch's arms are pretty long.

CrackerLilo said...

Your last paragraph--L'Ailee (my wife) has been entertaining herself by doing gasoline math for a few weeks now. You wouldn't believe what one of those fancy coffees costs per gallon! It makes gas look almost reasonable!

It'll most likely be better next week.

"and vivian followed."

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