Sunday, August 28, 2005

sunday morning black and blues

moments before getting into the shower this morning hubby called to say that he had been in a car accident. now, he's ok. he banged his head and was shaken, but ok. and we won't know about the car until tomorrow when the shop is opened and someone can look at it. he was on an exit ramp and skidded in the rain. so, no other cars were involved.

of course a police car happened by moments after the accident. Now, despite the fact that it was raining and there were trucks out, putting down sand because of the slippery conditions the cop still gave hubby a ticket. even though he had no idea how fast or slow hubby was going. but what really gets my goat is that the cop never even asked if hubby was ok! he was more concerned with whether or not he had to call a tow truck.

i love cops and what they do. but gimme a break!

the other news in my life is that my mom, who has been out of commission for some weeks now is doing better, though she's come down with some sort of late summer bug.

after our family vacation in june she noticed that one of her legs was very swollen, but she was going to the doctor and would ask him about it. and what does the doctor say? oh, it's fine. this even though she has a history of bloodclots.

well, sure enough she wound up in the hospital for 9 days because of... now wait for it... a bloodclot in her leg that made its way into her left lung. hmmm... wonder how that could have been prevented?

talked to her yesterday and today and she sounds great (except for the bug). and needless to say she and dad had a new doctor.

now i also appreciate doctors and what they do, but... well, you get the point.

at this point i feel as though i should say something philosophical or at least semi-deep about all of this, but the truth is the best i can come up with is life isn't easy.

but... we have good friends visiting with us and there's a pot of coffee brewing and everyone is alive and safe and i have beautiful flowers in my kitchen from church today so... despite the black and blue morning i still have hopes for a yellow and pink day.

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