Tuesday, August 30, 2005

my new kitty

i was checking out the boston pobble's thoughts and she had a new virtual pet. i love "stealing" stuff from other people's sites when it's cool.

since i already have a dog, two cats, and a snail (the frogs died) i am done with actual pets, so a virtual kitty is just fine... and since all blogs eventaully have cats... and cats is my nickname, and... well, do i really need another and?

my new favorite color is pink, which i once thouht to be way too girlie. i am still a blue person, but the color pink makes me happy the way yellow used to... so how could i resist a pink kitty?

she's named gracie cause that's hubby's favorite nickname for the princess kitty (my daughter) and 'cause the idea of grace makes me feel happier than the color pink.

so there it is.

God's peace!

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